Thursday, January 30, 2014

the traveling romper.

craft fairs may be for those that would not succeed on etsy.
before you get your panties in a bunch, hear me out.

around november of 2012, i met 23 other women. how did i meet them? we all just found out we were pregnant. what did we have in common besides a pregnancy? we were all due in july of 2013. 
ignore the fact that not all of our babies came in july. our july babies range from june 19th to august 2nd. i was NOT the last one due, but C had plans of his own and surely was the last one to come. he was already proving to be just like his mama. fashionably late and stubborn. i can not believe that my baby is the youngest of the group. never during my pregnant days would i have thought that to be possible! watching all of their babies come maaay or may not have made my over due days a little harder, but it was a lot of fun wondering who would pop next. im thankful that all of our babies are here, happy and healthy.
now that our babies are 6-8 months old - i am still friends with these moms. they are some of my best friends, as crazy as that sounds. some of us have been meeting in real life with our babies and some of us have plans to meet up with each other in the future. i talk to these moms every day. we have, without a doubt - formed a sisterhood, so to speak.

there is nothing left out.
everything is up for grabs.

one of the girls, N, received this romper as a gift. she posted a picture of her son wearing it - and i think every one of us exploded in to laughter. apparently her mother in law bought it from a craft fair for F. mother in law's mean well, i am sure - but this is an outfit gone wrong. ALL. WRONG. perhaps the worst tie dye job i have ever seen. the material is waffle knit. and the frogs? i have no idea. i wonder if this was a hot item at that craft fair.

after we all saw the picture of F in the romper, it didn't take very long for us to decide that every baby needed a picture wearing it. sure, its ugly. but we've got some cute babies who will rock it well!

i got handed the romper from Kris, after we met up in chicago with our babies :) {more on that meet up later}. it is SO big on C. he's the youngest baby, but not the smallest. it was so funny to put on him. the pants are about 6 inches too long and every time i looked down to see no feet, i about died. the shoulder straps kept falling off, and the top of the overalls started around his diaper instead of his chest. ha ha ha. taking these pictures were so much fun. {they were also really hard… hence the different locations. every where i sat my kid down, he would find a distraction and want to crawl away}

and so we have it. the traveling romper of motherhood. or something like that.

tomorrow morning i will head to the mail box and send this lovely get up off to Nicole! i can not wait to see how eisley wears it.

i kind of love that something so ugly turned out to be so special :)


  1. HAHAHA, I sure hope that is NOT the "hot" item at the craft show. :S However C rocks that romper :D Cutie patootie

  2. OMG! SO BAD! HAHAHA he is absolutely adorable though!

  3. I'm a kooky craft show goer, and oddly enough, I kind of find that romper charming! I think it would be cute in pink! (I do agree--the frogs?! NO!) :)

  4. Haha I love it and the bonding you women have!!!

  5. Reeeallll bad!!! haha...he is just getting cuter and that possible?!!?

  6. ha that is pretty funny. I love that you guys are passing it around for each of your babies to try it on.

  7. So much fun that you ladies are doing this!
    Though the romper is… um… not the cutest… Crue certainly looks adorable!

  8. That thing is so "special" haha! I love that you made it a traveling romper though! Classic idea. I love it!