Thursday, February 6, 2014

a DIY valentine craft

i am the most UN-crafty lady you will ever come across. i am more successful at turning DIY's and pinterest pins into utter fails than something lovely. buhlee dat.
but this. this i couldn't NOT try!

what you need:
- something to paint on. i used a serving tray from target that i found for $8.99, its long and skinny. you may also use a block or a blank canvas! love all the ideas. the plate worked best for me because i was able to wash the paint off and re-do. a thousand times.
- a sharpie for the letters
- red paint. i used regular crayola washable that i found in a pack of 10 with other colors for $4.99 at target. 
- paint brush

& im going to be real with you all. the picture above was the 1st attempt that i was satisfied with. after about 100 attempts that absolutely SUCKED. my kid is a newly crawling maniac and he wanted nothing to do with this project. so, i was about to quit. until he fell asleep! A-HA! 
after i liked what i saw, i hid the plate to dry before baking it so that my husband wouldn't find it. only, my dogs did. AND THEY LICKED THE FEET OFF!

ooooh i was mad. SO mad. but i did not even attempt to re-do it with a baby that has no interest in anything but crawling away from me right now. so when C fell asleep, i knew exactly what i was going to do. actually. when he was getting fussy, i knew this was my plan and had my fingers crossed he was going to stay asleep during the transition from my arms to the couch. and thank god, he did.

so i pulled his little sockies off, grabbed a plastic plate, my paint with a brush and got to work! QUICKLY.

when i first started this project, i didn't use a paint brush and found that all the prints were super smudgy. if you don't have a paint brush, try a paper towel or dabbing their feet on something else first. you definitely don't need a lot.

i painted C's left foot first, smacked it on to our plate - and then did the same with his right foot.

HE STAYED ASLEEP. hallelujah. that in itself is a project success. you can see that theres red paint all over the blanket & his pants because he kept twitching around in his sleep, but i do not care. we used washable so it'll come off no problem :)

since this was my 2nd (third?) attempt, i already had the "L, O and E" written on - but i would recommend doing that last after you have the foot prints you want. i am kind of annoyed that the right foot is more faint with less paint, but i refuse to go through the entire process again. he's a 6 month old boy, im going to embrace the mess and imperfections! 

such is life, right?!

happy DIY'ing!


  1. Hahaha...too funny. At first I was like, how did she do this with a six month old....and then it made sense! The things we go through!

  2. So cute! I think it turned out SO good. Imperfections and all. Hand print and foot prints are so hard on little babies. Dominick would always curl his toes or make fists. When I did his calendar I put him in his high chair, painted his foot, took the paper and put it in front of something hard and pushed his foot onto the paper. So much easier. :D

  3. your creativity on how to get his feet on the plate!!! This is so adorable. I wish I had time to do something like this!!!

  4. Such a cute idea! I may try to do this for H's grandmothers!

  5. It's so cute! I did something similar to this for Valentine gifts for our family! Love it!

  6. That is just darling! I think it turned out great!

  7. OMG, SO CUTE!! I wish M was a little smaller, I'd totally try this (with him sleeping, of course). I'm fearful if we attempted this project right now I'd need a huge serving platter. :)

  8. Um, can I say that I love you improvised and did this on your sleeping baby?! I would have done that, too. Cute craft!

  9. Adorable!! We attempted this around Christmas and it was a no go. Since Noelle still usually sleeps swaddled, still a no go! When she's unswaddled, those little feet are moving so much you would think that she was awake! haha

  10. I love this idea - and that you did it while he was sleeping (:

  11. Oh my GOSH! This is the cutest idea everrrrrrrrrrrr! I wonder if Mia's feet are still small enough for something like this. I stamped Mia's feet for Eric's Valentine card last year and it was so hard...paint everywhere! Doing it while they sleep is the best idea!

  12. I love this!!! I am going to absolutely do this now, and then when my next kiddo is born. I really though that this was store bought item at first. Good job!!