Friday, February 14, 2014

crue: SIX M0NTHS!

hey holy month of new milestones!
i can't believe its been half a year of being this boys mama. even though i cried at how fast time is flying, i can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring. my life has never been so fun, and my heart has never been so full.

doctor appointment: 2/14 (2 weeks after turning 6 months)
weight: 16lbs 4oz when we went in for his ear infection on 1/30 & 16lbs 10oz on 2/14! (for his 5 month update i predicted high end of 16lbs/low end of 17lbs!)
height: 27in
head: 17in/43cm

nicknames: C, crue-shoe, boo-bear, chunkamunk, crumanji

- big difference from last month. we made it OUT of the RnP though, and i call that a success! baby steps.
- tummy sleeper through and through. i about had a heart attack when this began, but i've adjusted since! he will always be on his belly now and prefers to stick his booty in the air with his hands tucked under near his belly button.
- we spent about a week in the PnP. we started out in it but ended up in our bed. when we went to chicago, we had a HUGE king bed and started co-sleeping. i don't know if it was the new place that startled him but that the first few nights in that hotel room was when he woke up crying the hardest and would NOT settle back down in the PnP. with having neighbors and it being a work trip, we brought him into our bed and before the week ended he just started out in our bed with us.
- he got his first ear infection and we found out just a few days after returning home from Chicago so i'm not sure when he got it :( but that continued him sleeping in our bed because it is much easier at 2am to rub his back and soothe him that way.
- another reason we ditched the PnP was because he was able to pull himself up and jolt himself over board. ours only lowered to be completely on the bottom and i refused to bend over at the waist to rub his back for however long it took in the middle of the night.
- we've been cosleeping for about 3 weeks now and it works for us. zay and i have chatted about transitioning him into his room soon and hope that by 9 months he's in his crib, in his room. thats our goal so we have some time to work slowly towards it. i think over the weekend we will bring his crib into our room and work on that transition first! wish us luck!
- spent about the first two-three weeks waking up like clockwork between 1:50am-2:30am. most nights we would be back to sleep within 10-15 minutes, a few nights taking a little longer up to 45 minutes.

- holy growth spurt batman!!
breast milk is still the main nutrition. i pump like its my job. i can tell my supply is dwindling so im going to have to pump more during the day i think. hopefully it'll be easier now that he can play independently but its the stopping every 2 minutes to run after him before he gets into something thats making it hard! thankfully, i have a pretty good freezer stash that keeps us about 2-3 months ahead.
- baby led weaning but not 100% full force. we've experimented with pancakes, celery, scrambled eggs and carrots. but he's also had some oatmeal mixed with tomato soup, oatmeal mixed with salmon and pureed peas. a total of 3 times but after our doctor appointment we'll be upping our solid intake and getting on a schedule!
- baby boy has been nursing!!! its been about TWO MONTHS since we've been able to sit through a nursing session and though its still not happening often, i am amazed that its happening at all! so sweet.

- most upset moments are being zipped up into the snow suit and waking up at 2am.
- we get compliments in public UP THE WAZOO about how good and happy he is! the other day i had a 2.5 lunch date at noodles&co and three people had made comments about content he was.
- plays independently for a good 45 minutes. i try so hard to intervene sometimes and he just crawls away from me! he's even started closing the door on my face. teenage years with this one might not be so pretty.
- were still in leap 5 of the wonder weeks and im pretty sure its half the reason were going through some of the rough patches. he sure is learning a lot which is neat to see it all coming together but holy cow! 29 days until were out!

- eating with us during dinner
- being tickled
- swimming (can't wait to start lessons in march!)
- crawling
- pulling himself up
- bouncing in his bouncer

- getting zipped into the snow suit
- mommy or daddy leaving the room (occasionally, its a hit or miss. sometimes he's like "NOOOO DONT GOOO!!!" and other times its him leaving us like "SEE YA BYE!")
- the word "NO" (just like mama)
- being pulled away from the dog bowls (100x a day)
- sitting in the high chair without food

- diapers version 2 1/2 ha ha ha. the honest size 2's are a bit too small and the honest 3's are super huge. after our week in chicago with about 5 blow outs and messy clothes a day we decided to open our pampers from the baby shower and check those out. thankfully - they're a perfect fit! were just a few days in and no diaper rash so i hope that won't happen! and then we'll be back into honest 3's!
- 70% in 0-3 months and 30% into 3-6 months. we started buying 6-12 months and just before his 6 month photos began trying things on, only to find out it is =/ i don't really understand. my baby isn't tiny?! i get the 3-6 months but it baffles me he's still wearing 0-3 months!
- size 1 in shoes, but were sneaking in his size 2 freshly picked moccs every once in a while ;)

milestones/whats happening:
taking his 6 month pictures were more work than ever before. for a few reasons!
- baby boy had his first ear infection :(
- were teething *UPDATE* we have our first tooth!! we discovered it sunday night on 2/23/14.
- we are MOBILE!!! just 2 weeks before hitting 6 months he started scooting around and now he is full blown crawling. ALL.OVER. hide the dog bowls and cover the blinds.
- saying "da da" !
- we drove to chicago, first long trip in the car (8 hours) and being in the convertible car seat. stayed in a hotel for a week and met lots of new people, including "uncle" kenny!
- went swimming for the first time! LOVED it. i really do hope we have a water baby on our hands! i know i sure was. (and still am)!
- pulling ourselves up on ALL THE THINGS. mirrors, cribs, laundry baskets, the couch, the dog and his toy bin.
- had a babysitter for the 3rd time while momma and daddy went to another work event. 1st time being babysat by my dad {grandpa} and it went so well!
- starting some purees along with some baby led weaning experiences. he gets so jealous when were eating food and he's not! its crazy that now i will order meals if were out based on if it has something i can give to him! greedy fella.
- switched to the convertible car seat
- started riding in his stroller like a big boy!
- began co-sleeping
- started waking up somewhere between 1:50am-2:30am every night like clockwork. it started when the ear infection began :( and has continued for the last 2 weeks. more often than not it just takes a quick "shhh" along with a back rub and were all back to sleep within 5 minutes. but i don't know where my sleeping through the night baby went!
- booked our first cruise! so excited that it will finally be happening. sweet ruthie just posted about taking their baby ford to cabo and they had a great experience! ford is only a few days younger than C and im dying to get those boys together in real life! back to what i was saying… her post made me feel extra confident about taking C on a vacation with us.

- in complete awe of how fast time is flying
- missing the newborn days, bittersweet!
- busy chasing this booger around all day ;)
- can not WAIT for it to get warmer!

- working hard but coming home earlier to see us :)
- loves tickling C, especially on the feet with his scruffy 'beard'
- excited for C to start walking and talking!


(written in caps because its the button on the keyboard C *never* fails to hit!)


  1. I'm not even sure it's possible that he should be six months old already. Didn't you *just* text me saying you were in the hospital?! Pretty sure you did. Let's go ahead and slow down time, 'umkay?
    I love, love, love, LOVE that you're getting C into swim lessons. Water babies are THE best.
    That last picture? My heart exploded.

  2. I can't believe he is 6 month old! Happy half birthday Baby C! And by the way you are looking gorgeous mama! Did you cut your hair? I love it!!

  3. Goodness, what a cutie! Can't wait till this stage with my Crew!

  4. I just love little C! I still cant believe he is crawling!!!! I know Ford will be mobile before I know it, I am NOT looking frward to chasing after him haha. We wanted to wait until 6months for food but at 5 months he started GRUNTING when we were eating and opening his mouth. Now we are doing 3 purreed meals a day and he loves it. Food is so fun!

    Don't be scared of the crib/room transition... it was hell for 3 days and has been great ever since! You can do it mama!

  5. oh and thanks for the shout out!!! You will LOVE traveling with your cutie boys

  6. You take the cutest/most adorable pictures! I love working and all...but you make me really want to be a stay @ home mama so I not only can spend every moment with my lil man, but also to take really cute pictures!

  7. He is so flippin cute!! How is he getting so big!! I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever and I feel like we just caught up :) haha, almost. Now I feel the need to write a book.. First of all.. love your hair! And sweater! Where from? Baby clothes are whack. Noelle is all over the place. Some of her 3-6 month is too small but she can still wear 0-3. I have no idea how that makes sense. Anyways, we use Pampers at night sometimes instead of cloth and have been very happy with them. We also kinda co-sleep and with the exception of needing a king - you know my issues with the queen! - it is going really well. Lately it is the only way that little miss will sleep! How did you get him out of the rock n play? We are working on it but Noelle won't sleep very long in the pack n play. I end up bringing her in the bed because mama needs some sleep! And that pic of him on the glass above the buildings?! I would die but it is such an amazing picture!

  8. He is SO cute! & getting so big! Your family looks so precious and blessed! Congrats on 6 months and many more ;)

  9. oh he is just so cute. I love that last picture. And the one of both him and Isiah sleeping. Can't handle it. Adorable. I want to meet him and you. Hopefully I'll see you at one of the mnblogger meet ups in the near future.