Wednesday, February 26, 2014

four & five month favorites

life is so busy. so busy that when i began to think about blogging our 6 month favorites after midnight on a tuesday, i realized i never blogged our 4 and 5 month favorites! its the best busy ive ever felt, but it broke my mommy heart that i didn't document these! of course i have to do it before i can move on to the 6 month favorites!

better late than never, yes?!

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1. carrying over from 3 month, we love sophie on a whole new level. C really explored with her during this time and began to teeth really putting her to use! she's one of our toys that is always in our diaper bag when we leave the house!
2. C doesn't take pacifiers often and he definitely doesn't need them which is nice - but we do have a variety of kinds and these MAM ones work best for us. we always have one in my diaper bag, on our main floor, in our bedroom and one in his room for when he gets fussy. they do calm him down a bit if we need that extra minute to make a bottle or when were buckling him in to the car seat. sometimes he will take one for nap but seems to spit it out just as he's getting drowsy. either way, we love the MAM brand! 
3. the jumper! the babysitter! the ring of neglect! WHATEVER you want to call it. we C looooves this. he can jump in here for days on end. even when you take him out of it and are playing with him on the floor or in your lap, he will jump all around and bounce his legs. boyfriend is dance happy.
4. isaiah bought this thermometer and he loves it. i just go by the feel of it more so and kind of think C likes it more on the hotter side than the cooler side but I'm happy that it makes my husband feel confident for the nights he gives C a bath :) and i couldn't believe it told me my water temperature when taking a shower is 108! hmmm.
5. we actually won this angel care tub from The Baby Guy when we went to Baby Grand for Gearapalooza '13. C was just 17 days old!! the version we have is actually pink, ha ha. it is a perfect tub though. the water comes through the sling so C stays warm and we noticed he hasn't outgrown it yet. the stump on the bottom holds him in place and as he grows his head is just moving up higher on the sling so were able to fill the tub up more. now that he's sitting on his own he likes to do that at the bottom too and the stump still keeps him in place from slipping. theres a nice little loop on the top of it that lets us hang it up to dry after. we all like using this tub! 
6. a pumping mothers necessity. need i say more? 
oh yes. C is obsessed with my pumping bra and my pump. i can not pump near this man because he crawls on me like a jungle gym in desperation of chewing/sucking on my plastic flanges and tugging on my tubes. 
i have my pump next to my night stand with my pumping bra in my nursing bag which is also right next to my bed/night stand… i kid you not, every morning, i wake up to crue climbing OVER my head in anticipation to grab my pumping tubes and yank it off the bed. the other morning he scooted so far on my side of the bed that i pretty much got kicked out, so i got up & crawled back in on isaiahs side… i literally woke up to my pump crashing on the floor since C didn't have to climb over me to get to it. determination! 


  1. Yes the jumper! The babysitter! I can get so much done. And now we have a walker he loves to zoom around the house! Ugh I wish Ford took a paci.............

  2. The jumper! It is AMAZING! Noelle will bounce herself silly and those legs keep moving all day! She also loves the tubes from the pump. Little rugrat will hang onto them so I can't keep her too close when I'm pumping. How the heck is he already over 6 months old?! Stop.

  3. The jumper is like a life saver for parents to still keep the house in order! Love it!!! Turner won't take a paci...we've never tried any other brands besides what he had when he was very little, but we are ok with him not wanting it...I don't want to have to break that habit later!