Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SO WHAT! wednesday

this week im linking up with Shannon over at 'Life After I Dew' for so what wednesday!

it's been a while since I've linked up and over the time shannon has changed her ways in to something positive, which i totally love. (what don't i love about shannon?!)

SO WHAT if we started co-sleeping.

it began when we were in chicago for a work convention of isaiah's company, spending a week in a hotel and dealing with C's first ear infection.

we love it. my husband loves it. i don't mind it. and to say that C loves it is seeming to be an understatement.
i am NOT about mommy wars, judging moms, competitive moms… whatever that pool is. count me out. {speaking of, this article about wanting off a "motherhood team" is an absolute FAVORITE of mine}
i AM about doing whats best for you. for your family. for your baby.
i never thought i would be co-sleeping. isaiah and i both were on the same page when we said it was a habit we didn't want to start. something that we were terrified of allowing to happen when C was a newborn. maybe now that he's bigger were less afraid of squishing him?
but it works.

i love being able to soothe my son in the middle of the night if he happens to wake up. i love that he knows mommy and daddy are right there. i love that he's able to trust us and count on us.
having help from my husband in the middle of the night is an added bonus. sometimes he will hear C first and lay him on his chest - where they both fall back asleep within a moments of time. unlike me, once im up with C, im up for at least an hour regardless of how quick he falls back asleep.
love the snuggles. waking up to him every morning crawling over my shoulders or rubbing his hand on my cheek is the best way to wake up.

ive decided to let go about worrying how long C may sleep with us and enjoy these moments. right now isaiah and i are both on the same page of hoping to have him fully transitioned by the time he is 9 months old, and i feel like thats a good goal without too much pressure. less stress.

this too shall pass.

if you've been around a while, you know that isaiah wakes C up every morning to feed him and hang out before work. just before zay walks the dogs and hops in the shower, he puts C back down in our bed with me. we always put C down awake and he puts himself to sleep.
this morning, he crawled over to me - rubbed my cheek and head butt me. when i lifted my head to look at him, he scooted closer, laid his head on my pillow AND GRABBED MY HAND.
then he fell asleep. HOLDING MY HAND. snuggling and cozied up. next to me!!!
kill me dead.
that right there, is worth it all.

im thankful for these moments. these chances. to relax with my baby boy. the one who made a mother, something that i was told to be impossible. i don't wish it away.

its true what they say: babies don't keep.


  1. love, love, love!! That boy is seriously too sweet! Makes me want to put our new kings together and have a big mama & babies slumber party.

    Jeff got home late last night from work and Noelle was in bed before he got home. This morning she was scooched all the way over to him with her arms draped over his back. Those babies know just what to do.

  2. No judging from us. I'll be the first to say that we semi co-slept for so long and it was a huge life saver. It was so easy to soothe and I fully think that helped contribute to an almost full nights rest. D was in his crib by 7/8 months and he transitioned perfectly. It's 100% do-able if and when you're ready. :) xo

  3. omygosh how precious is that! I can't even handle it.

  4. This post makes me so excited for our baby boy to get here! We're planning on co sleeping from birth to whenever so no judgement here! (And no judgement if you weren't cosleeping either)

  5. Hey! I'm not sure I've ever left a comment here, but I stop by here on occasion as I'm a new mom. We semi co sleep with our little one ( yeah no mommy wars here and we also said no before she was born) She's just little so I do hope you'll blog more about this... Especially transitioning so that I can learn from you. :)

  6. Awww, I love that you are getting some snuggles during your sleep sessions!
    We co-slept for a bit. I think the only one of us to ever sleep well during that time was M. He's a bed hog, so back to his crib he went. If he would have been better about sharing precious mattress space I would have totally let him hang out with us every night.
    Don't blink, because one of these days he's going to choose his own bed all on his own. Enjoy it while you can, mama!

  7. Love that post from Renegade Mothering. We didn't plan to co-sleep, but started a little after the 2nd or 3rd month. I'm away from the little guy for 9+ hours every weekday so getting that cuddle time at night and early in the morning before I need to go to work makes me feel like I get more time with him. I will say that as he gets more mobile/bigger the bed is starting to feel more crowded.

  8. I wouldn't say we co-slept but Clay has definitely spent his fair share of time in my bed, more so when he's sick and definitely on the weekends when I give him milk at 6 and convince him to go back to sleep. If he wasn't a bed hog, he would probably end up there more but I do love the snuggles! Except when he wakes me up by picking my nose or sitting on my head or poking my eyes going "eye eye eye." Haha! It really is great though :)

  9. Cute!! I tried to take a nap with Weston today in our bed... I dozed off and woke up to Weston pulling coopers hair out. I wish I was kidding. Hahaha!