Sunday, February 16, 2014

valentines day 2014

on valentines day we had C's 6 month appointment :( we slept in and had lots of extra snuggles & woke up to find a caribo gift card from daddy waiting in the bathroom ;) my favorite! then C and i had a little photo-shoot while he was happy because my poor baby got 5 shots on his first valentines day!
we left the house at 2, grabbed some caribou and met up with isaiah at the doctors office. after his check up we went with isaiah back to work so he could send out an email to his client before the weekend began. i kind of regret going with him instead of coming home right away because then it took AN HOUR to get back instead of about 20 minutes. but oh well, it was valentines day right?!
we had dinner at chipotle and dessert downtown at the marquette lobby. my red velvet cake was SO good! our plans were to hit up the melting pot like we had the last 3 years but they were booked solid up until closing. :( not surprised.
2013 we were 17 weeks pregnant and had dinner at Bucca. 2012 neither of us can remember? 2011 was our first valentines day together and isaiah went all out. he had reservations at 3 different places for appetizers, our main meal and dessert. then we went ice skating at the depot where he had booked a suite to stay the night with champagne, flowers and the works. i still remember the card and all of my presents from that year. i need to go picture creep so i can figure out what happened for 2012.
this time it was a low key night and not much different from any other friday night of ours but thats totally okay with me! we had a sick baby to snuggle up with :)

hope you all had a great valentines day!


  1. Gah - I just want to eat him right up. Is it creepy I wish some of those smoochie marks were left by me?

  2. I could seriously squeeze this little guy! He has the most adorable facial expressions. So glad you all had a wonderful Valentines Day friend! :)

  3. He is just too handsome!!! Sounds like a perfect day!!

  4. He is just such a cutie pie!! Such great Valentine's day pics :) I'm glad to hear you all had a lovely day!

  5. awww love the tongue sticking out

  6. oh these photos are adorable!
    we also ate at chipotle! haha but for lunch... we really were lazy and couldn't get reservations anywhere! (melting pot, fogo, even some places in our hometown!) so we just headed to red wing after we scarfed chipotle in hastings and took my mom out to dinner at liberty's to celebrate getting engaged! i may not have gotten to eat at my favorite restaurants, but it's definitely the most memorable valentine's day yet!