Monday, February 24, 2014



C has his first tooth! 
i felt it last night as he chomped down on my finger and sure enough, there were some rough jagged edges that dug right in!
its not very easy to see yet and he is no fan of me trying to take a peek.

i can't believe it.

my baby has his first tooth.

i didn't even know he was teething!! 
thankful he's still been so cheerful!

this all calls for an emotional mama.

feelin' his new toofer

are you ready to take a drink…. say it with me now. when did my baby get so big?!

i can't handle this 6 month stuff. 
it is serious business.


  1. We found Ford's top 2 teeth coming in last week.... I cried a bit! I was hoping the bottom would come in first bc the top make me think of a toddler! They are growing too fast!

  2. Turner has yet to get any teeth and he is almost 9 months. I am totally OK with it since I am still nursing. They grow SO FAST...that is why they have more and now I totally see why Michelle Duggar never stops having kids ;)

  3. Dammit. Didn't have a glass of wine (apparently drinking before noon is frowned upon), so I'll take a big swig of coffee. :)
    So happy to hear C is such a good teether. You certainly have one awesome little beeb!

    P.S. The only pics I was ever able to get of the first teeth were when we were changing his diaper. It's about the only time he was still enough. If you haven't tried that, give it a shot.

  4. WHAT the WHAT?! Before you know it we will have toddlers!!! Gah!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope he doesn't chomp down on anything else with that little tooth! Ouch!

    Don't worry, he will always be your little love bug!!

  6. I think I feel a bump coming up on the bottom gum for rilynn :/

  7. They grow up way too fast, it's ridiculous! Lucky you, not knowing he was teething! Clay made it VERY clear when he was teething :/