Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on friday!

this time next week, we will be heading to the airport for florida! i am so so anxious and excited to leave MN, travel with my baby and have a solid week with my husband! we decided were going to sail again in november, join the fun friends! i say give me the vitamin sea! HOWEVERRRRR. the amount of diapers to be packed is ridiculous. and i may have a panic attack.

i am starting to think of all 1st birthday things! sailboats, crustaceans, stripes, navy, anchors. give me all things nautical! i can not believe my baby is turning 1 this year. i know the next 4.5 months are going to FLY by. im not ready! and meanwhile birthday party number 1 hasn't happened, i keep thinking about ideas for birthday party number 2. ha! i still haven't decided on a location or accent color though. yellow? aqua? red? hmm. #momproblems
i mean… can we talk about this smash cake outfit?! kill me dead.

shutterfly has a coupon going right now for a free 8x8 book. i just made one for the first 3 months of C's life, but damn. i have 0 patience for a pretty fancy schmancy book. i still hope to do 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months someday. {free code depending because im sorry, i just CAN will NOT drop $40 doll hairs on one of those bad boys}. use STORYTIME before tuesday! you're welcome.

i am a shop-a-holic. i need one of those "shopping is my cardio" sweatshirts followed by "i'm so tired" (are you listening hello apparel?!). maybe if i didn't stay up so late online shopping, i wouldn't be so tired! for real though, i blame sly fox threads. i need everything. and by i, i mean crue. boys are definitely just as fun to dress as girls!

i last posted here about slowly becoming a blonde again. AND I AM!
i didn't think i'd get to go back to the salon until around may, but i said that's for the birds. (you see, no patience)… i feel SO much better. happier :) not bad for just 2 foils/going twice.



  1. I am so going to have to use that code and make a book in honor of H's 1st bday!
    Also, I am DYING over that cake smash outfit!!!!!!! And I totally agree, dressing a boy is so much fun. Way more so than I thought it would be.

  2. I did a Shutterfly book for Mav's newborn pics and I just finished my pregnancy journal book and I have two other books started. I refuse to pay full price for these things - I ended up getting my pregnancy journal orginally ($64) for $14!! Whoop!!!

    CANNOT wait to hear all about your cruise and OMG I think I have anxiety for you on packing enough diapers!!!!

    LOVE the blond!! I go back in 2 weeks!!!!!!

  3. Soooo I already ordered Ford's birthday outfit and hat and its coming in the mail today. Yes I am a freak. I highly recommend DaintyCouture on Etsy! Also, I've decided to do a family year book and love my 2013 one! Instead of doing it all at the end of the year like I did this time, I've already started my 2014 one to make it easier ! I use MyPublisher and at the beginning of the year they always do free pages so I have 800 pictures in a nice lay flat big book for $60!

  4. I never even thought of how ridiculous it must be to pack diapers. I've always thought that you could just buy them when you got somewhere but I don't know how that would work for a cruise. Hmm. I love you blonde, too. And first birthday? Seriously. I'm going to curl up in a ball and sob for the next two days. Ugh.

  5. Oh wow, so many fun things in this post! Florida will be so fun for you, it is a great time of year there and I hope you soak up some warmth for the rest of us;) Also, planning birthday parties are fun, I did a spa/faux sleepover party for my daughter last month and she loved it!

  6. Love the blonde! And that outfit...OMG. He's going to be precious! I vote for red as an accent color! You're going to have so much fun on your trip! At least you'll use all the diapers and have room to bring home some island rum! :)

  7. yay thanks for the code!! I just made and ordered my first one :) But I paid a little more for the hardcover. Do you get the softcover ones and do you like them? Should I have saved my monies?

  8. Yay going back blonde!!! I loooove it.

    Gimme that vitamin sea. Yeah, totally stealing that line one day. Have such an awesome trip, lady!!

  9. I love shopping way too much. That's why I gave it up for Lent. So jealous of your cruise! Have fun!