Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CRUE: 6 month photos

of course we did the newborn photos, but when C was 3 months old, we took photos as a family rather than him alone - so i knew for 6 months i wanted some updated pictures that would {hopefully} show more of his personality and how much he has grown!
i am glad we did (we went back to the same photographer we used for newborn//rosy cheeks) but now i realize that i take pictures of this kid every day so the amount we have of him outweighs the amount we have of the three of us DRASTICALLY. i still want pictures of us in our home being a family, but of course right now we're in the middle of re-doing half our house and re-painting! ughhh. i think when he is 9 months we will go back to the photographer who did the 3 month family session and not do "professional" pictures again of just C until his 1 year.
can you say CAKE SMASH!!!!!??!

i am SO bummed that this little stinker hardly let out a smile the entire hour. he was just too curious in everything around him and constantly wanting to crawl away to something new. that was exactly how i predicted the shoot would go because thats the same situation we experience at home.
gone are the days of him sitting still and cheesing at mama!

this 16lb guy looks like such a chunk! 

this was isaiah's bow tie from our wedding!
6 months // 7 days old


  1. Totes adorbs! :)

    We had our 6 month photos done at JCP this past weekend!

  2. SERIOUSLY...he is SOOOO ADORABLE!! I need to meet him (& you)!!! T & Crue would have so much fun together!!!

  3. He is just too sweet. So photogenic like his momma. And the bow tie... I die.

  4. Serious?! Those cheeks! That nose. I just want to squeeze him.

  5. Gosh, just when I thought Crue couldn't get any more handsome, I stand corrected! :) <3

  6. Could he be any more handsome?!

  7. SO CUTE!!!!!!!! We always do a combo of family and baby photos - that way I get both. HAHAHAHA :)

  8. OMG - the rosy cheeks, the white button up and tie, Isaiah's tie! I could just eat C right up with a spoon. Please send him my way.

  9. He's beautiful, Sarah! Love his little outfits. If I ever have a baby, I need you as my photo shoot stylist. LOL