Wednesday, March 19, 2014


getting this boy to sit and STAY in his chair these days… smh. so hard.

doctor appointment: not since our 6 month appointment on 2/14. we don't go back until he's 9 months!
weight: our home scale says 17lbs with his clothes on.
height: 27in
head: 17in/43cm

nicknames: LOTS! but the popular ones are C, crue-shoe, crumanji and crumakazie.

- with us in our bed
- the 2:30am wake ups have stopped! hallelujah.
- gets put down awake and falls asleep on his own, both at night and again in the morning.
- first nap is usually in moms arms during the day, the second is usually in our bed. naps happen around 2 or 3 and again around 5 or 6. the second one is usually longer than the first.
- will fall asleep anywhere. and hardly ever fights it. stroller, carrier, restaurant bench, mommys arms, daddys shoulder… zzZZZZzZz.
- tummy sleeper with his booty popped in the air. WAY up in the air. so cute.
- drools
- snores
- after isaiah puts him back down in the mornings, he snuggles up real close to me. i'd be lying if i said i didn't love it. even when he tries to steal my pillow. naughty.

- solids in between bottles
- usually eats what we eat for dinner
- loves toast and yogurt in the mornings
- hated broccoli. so we shall try again in a little bit! but so far? no good ( & i don't blame him).

- happy happy happy
- i really have nothing else to say. but really, C is rarely crying or giving us a hard time. sure sometimes he will tell me im pissing him off as he gets buckled in to the car seat or im trying to get a shirt over his big head but its never an issue we can't quickly solve. we got luckier than lucky in the baby department. too bad they always say the next is kid is never like the first!

- bath time
- music, especially dub step!
- dancing and shaking his booty - the stand & play activity center gets SO much use!
- bouncing and jumping. FOR DAYS. somebody get this kid a trampoline.
- climbing up on everyyyything
- toast with yogurt
- being tickled
- snuggles with both mom & dad :)

- getting dressed (read: laying down)
- getting his diaper changed (read: laying still)
- the word "no" (read: being pulled away from the blinds and doggy food)

- juuuust finally moved up to size 3 diapers. we tried them before and it was blow out central. too big. so we went back to 2's and now i think we're staying in the 3's! still LOVING honest. {new moms! click the link and try them out with the FREE trial kit!}
- wearing the last of our 0-3 month items. we seem to be in the pattern of taking them out, wearing it for the day (or until he poops on it), wash it and pack it away :( carters seems to be 3 month and wearing lots of 3-6 month items from the gap.
- starting to fill out size 2 shoes. obsessed with our freshly picked moccs.

milestones/whats happening:
- big trip #2! {coming up at the end of march}
- first time on a plane, first time flying to FL (besides the time in mommys belly for the baby-moon)
- first time on a cruise! for 8 nights!
- second time in a hotel, first being in chicago now in florida before we board the ship and again after.
- WE HAVE TWO TEEFERS! two! we had no notice of the first one coming. just on a sunday evening he gnawed on our fingers and there it was! we found the second one the following sunday a week later! the second one is hard to feel yet but this time we see it coming! thankfully we've experienced no fevers for this boy yet. ::knock on wood::
- mommy & daddy had their first REAL date night that wasn't for a work event sans baby. grandpa babysat and we went to the melting pot for dessert. it meant A LOT to isaiah.
- went to the lego movie. C slept the whole time again ;)
- wonder weeks says nightmares are now possible, & i think he's experienced a few.

- doing the 300/30 day ab challenge with shannon and really loving it! hopefully i'll go long past the 30 days. isaiah has been joining me so far which is probably half the reason i am enjoying it. i have 40lbs to lose so my ass needs to
- on my way to being blonde again!
- i am kind of going bat shit crazy about preparing for vacation. i get anxiety when i have to go to the post office with questions like "what if there is a long line" "what if i drop shit" "what if people are annoyed that im taking forever" "what if there aren't any parking spots" "what if the worker thinks I'm dumber than the box he needs to help me with" - so. you can imagine the anxiety that im having when i am trying to pack for 10 days and flying for the first time. AH! (holly, if you are reading this, send me some crazy pills. stat)!
- obsessed with being at home every day with C. it really is my dream come true and i love it more than anyone could have told me i would.
- planning/brainstorming ideas and possibilities for his FIRST BIRTHDAY. stop it.
- still pumping. but i could stop right now and have enough breast milk to last until he's 1! WOOP. i will keep going though, for now. i do notice my supply is dropping and i think over our vacation it may even drop some more. not stressing about it though, because that'll just be another thing to make it drop. and knowing we have enough to last until C turns 1 is pretty bad ass if you ask me. so all is well.

- is semi butt hurt that C stopped saying "dada" but isn't 100% butt hurt because C didn't start saying "mama"
- turned to me while doing the dishes and said "i hope we find out were pregnant in 6 weeks. or 4. heck maybe even 2. thats possible right?!" <--- melt. love this man.
- C lights UP when zay gets home from work, and loves waking up to find him still there! whether he's working from home in the mornings or its just the weekend. we both love it!
- loves jamming with C in the evenings before bed
- does the night time routine with C - every.single.night, cuties!



  1. Could your family be any more adorable?! Love! I can't even believe that sweet boy is already 7 months! Planning is always the worst part of any vacation with babies, but I assure you that all will be okay. Deep breaths and enjoy it all. xo

  2. When do you find the time to pump and have that much milk? That is awesome! How much does he eat in a day? I've thought about being done nursing and exclusively pump since T just got his first tooth and the minute he bites may be over...but I find it hard to pump with a mobile baby!!!

    I would also have major anxiety about a 10 day vacation...I have anxiety for you :) It will all be good always is.

  3. Okay his smile just melts me! The one of him by the dog food with no shirt on, little teenager!!! Can you give me some ideas for finger foods? We are finishing up the purrees we have in the freezer and going more towards finger foods. Ford gets so frustrated when he tries to pick up the food and it gets stuck on his hand. I think I need to give him longer pieces to grasp instead of smaller pieces.

    OMG are you guys trying?!

  4. Um, I think we need a tummy sleeping, booty popped picture! I can't believe you're already planning his first birthday! Woohoo on giving Crue breast milk for an entire year, that's awesome!

  5. I literally laughed out loud hardcore when I read his nickname "crumanji" LOL - love it! such a precious kiddo! isn't it great having a child? :)

  6. I love both of your hair! Your blonde and his crazy spikes and mohawk! He is so big that my heart hurts just looking at him! I'm doing the 300/30 ab challenge, too, most days and it is intense! You are gonna be a hot mama on that cruise!

  7. Crue can come and steal my pillow any day! I snuggle with that boy for days.
    Let's talk birthday parties. I'm kind of obsessed. (Like, I'm already thinking of birthday #3, and #2 has yet to happen.)

  8. Oh Crue - I don't know how but you get more adorable by the day!!! I need to get on that ab challenge!! I am starting the Advocare 24 day challenge on Monday - Momma is over this flap and jiggle!!

    Ummm - have we started shots again?! EEEEEKKKKKKKK I was just asking Trav the other day if he was sure we only wanted one baby I am already ready to be preggo again! LOL

  9. How does this happen so fast! I cannot believe how fast he has grown. SO PRECIOUS!

  10. I'm so glad that everything is going so well! He is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!