Wednesday, March 5, 2014

cruise wear : neutrals

we are just weeks away from our cruise and i am obsessing over all the summer things. after i saw all of these together, i realized its pretty neutral and basic but i can't help the fact that each one practically makes me drool.

cruise neutrals

i love a good dress. a good maxi. so much comfort! easy to wear around the ship, around the ports and even to the fancier dinners in the main dining room. ive never really loved wearing shorts, and now that ive had a baby and no longer have a "thigh gap" - i know i want nothing to do with wearing shorts on this trip. and lets not forget about all the stretch marks that have so conveniently placed themselves like railroad tracks from my knees up.
dresses are right up my alley!


  1. obsessing over these! yes, yes and yes!

  2. LOVE!! Old Navy has some super cute maxis online the other day!!

  3. LOVE them all! I could see all of these being perfect for our upcoming trip in May. :)

  4. I love me a good maxi but I will now need to go back to getting them hemmed now that I no longer have a big belly to hold them up. Boo for stretch marks! I'm with you. I'll take a thigh gap, ASAP.