Wednesday, March 26, 2014


WEARING: leggings and my husbands tee, which is a super soft marled dr. pepper tee. pretty sure when he bought it he didn't know he'd marry someone who's obsessed with dr. P!

FEELING: anxious. in a good way!

WATCHING: PLL. i don't know why. this is the dumbest show ever. im just wrapping up season 3 and i have no idea how this show keeps going. i can but i can't, ya know?! WHO THE HELL IS A.

EATING: nothing. shocker, i know. except not really. because i barely eat during the day. add that to #reasonswhyimafatty

DRINKING: ice wata - bahlee dat!

CRAVING: the oceannnn <3

NEEDING: a mommy makeover.

WANTING: to be knocked up again.

THANKFUL FOR: this family i've made for myself.

DREAMING: of a vacation.

CLICKING: this lace skirt, this floral dress, and this maxi. i got an email for my birthday (april 1st) and now I'm saving wish list items like crazy!



  1. Oh goodness!!! I love that picture of your little love. I am craving the ocean too and I only live 2 hours and LA traffic (the reason why I crave it) away. xo

  2. PLL is my dirty little secret... as terrible as it is I just can't get enough of it. It is TERRIBLE! I am also craving the ocean or maybe just warmer weather... anything except for this snow we have been having... we got snow in the Philly burbs yesterday and I am just so over it!

  3. Ahh your little man is just so cute!! And that Shirt <3

  4. A few things here - when did C turn two? He looks like such a big boy in that pic!
    You are NOT a fatty, so stop it right now.
    I have an ocean with your name on it. Just say when you want to come stay with me!

  5. I feel the SAME WAY about PLL. I watch it and I think "this show is so stupid" but I have to keep watching! HAHA

  6. First off, what a fantastically adorable photo of your little guy! Love his attitude in the photo! And I am right there with you on being obsessed with Dr. P - pretty sure I'm drinking one right now...