Thursday, March 27, 2014

health on the go!

We are a family that loves to be busy, on the go and travel LOTS. (we're probably on a plane as you read this!)
We're also a family that loves to be healthy and pick nutritional choices when we can, as often as we can. Fruit shoot juice for kids is right up our alley!

My husband is also a dear kid at heart, and he often likes to eat the kid goodies that we buy for C. He definitely approves of this drink!

Robinson's Fruit Shoot juice has 4 flavors coming in Berry Burst, Orange, Apple and Strawberry-Raspberry. The Orange, Apple and Strawberry-Raspberry also come in a no sugar added option which is GENIUS! These have 30 grams less than the regular Berry Burst, Orange or Strawberry-Raspberry.
My favorite is the Strawberry-Raspberry. You don't see this combo made often either!

The juices are finally here in the US and are made in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each bottle is made with 10% real fruit, has no-high corn syrup and comes with an easy no-spill top! That top right there deserves bonus points ;) It is great for all ages!

Fruit Shoot is the perfect addition to complete any lunch box for your family. It creates the perfect balance of the hydration that the kids need, and the tastes that they love!
As a stay at home mom, i love sitting down with C and sharing a meal with him. Of course right now as an 8 month old, were fairly limited. He loves himself some yogurt and toast with berries or cottage cheese with watermelon! I can not wait to add personal letters when he is old enough to take lunch with him to school (or even read, ha ha). I will feel so much better knowing that I'm sending him off with lots of healthy goodies! For now, i'll enjoy watching him try all of the new things :) He is all about flavor so i know he would/will enjoy this drink too. The bottle sure is entertaining!

Remember that colorful lunches are always a good start when trying to eat healthier! Skipping items with high fructose corn syrup is a good start!

With the purchase of fruit shoot, there is an option for a free download of an Angry Birds game. Something parents can play with their kiddos!


Check out their Facebook page and see where you can try your fruit shoot today!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fruit Shoot but all opinions are my own.

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