Monday, March 3, 2014

i am on my way.

sooner than later, i will be a blonde again!
i hate this middle stage that i am sitting it at right now, but i know its a process (and a lengthy one at that). i can not wait to have my lighter hair back!

if you've been around the blogosphere for quite some time, you've seen the many shades (and lengths) of blonde that i have been rocking over the past many-many years.

my hair stylist wanted to meet C, so on saturday morning isaiah dropped us both off while he went on a caribou run. then he returned & took the baby, leaving me to be on my way! i haven't had the high lighted look in a LONG time and i am still feeling "meh" about it as i adjust, but im not stopping here!


heres to hoping i will be blonde again before i am bald.

i am on my way to feeling like ME again!
(now only if sitting a salon chair could make me lose 40lbs, too!)


  1. OMG! You're beautiful, friend!!!

    p.s. I love your new hair. :)

  2. Ah you READ my mind sister!!! I started the blonde process Saturday too!!!

  3. I love it!!! You are a gorgeous blonde, and this makes me happy. :)
    I never comment, but I really love your blog, and it's been awesome as a resource during my first pregnancy - due in May!

  4. Sitting in the mirror at the salon always makes me feel insecure! It's not normal to sit in front of a mirror for that long.

  5. Beautiful!!! I love all the photos. You can pull off any color and cut!!

  6. Love the blonde! I'm trying to go back to my natural color, but I'm sure I'll be headed back to highlights soon! HAHAHA

  7. Love it! Cute bangs too. :) Why is it a process to go back blonde? They can't just do it all at once?