Wednesday, March 12, 2014

six month favorites

month 6 has really just been too much for me to handle, if were being honest here. this boy is learning all sorts of new things! he is sitting by himself 100%, pulling himself up on anything he can & crawling like a mad man making a dash for all of the things that should be a no no and is across the room faster than i can blink.
he got his first tooth so every thing is going right in the mouth and he is loving dinner time with us!

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1. munchkin mesh teethers - these are a big hit in our house. we use them mainly for apple slices and pickles which crue just LOOOVES. especially those pickles! we also have the boon pulp teether but its much smaller so we've used that with ice and frozen berries. C prefers the pickles over anything though.

2. munchkin bath toys - bath time is a lot of fun on its own of course, but i wanted to get something for C to play with too! these mainly just end up in his mouth. but he loves to chomp on them in between splashing. (and i love to write obscene messages)

3. under the nile organic carrot - WE NEED MORE OF THESE. the banana, the asparagus. yep yep and yep again. this carrot goes with us everyyyywhere. its organic cotton and C goes to town gumming on it. 

4. ikea anti lop high chair - $25 dolla make ya holla. no fabric, easy to clean and cheap as can be? sold.

5. toy leashes - isaiahs favorite thing in all of the baby land. we were in chicago when C started tossing every single toy on to the floor at gino's east and you can believe that right after the 5th time C tossed sophie, isaiah started googling baby stores. we went from gino's to giggle and bought 4 of these bad boys. problem solved.

6. stand and play - this has replaced our love for the jumper. now that C is mobile, he will not bounce away forever in his jumper. he likes the jumper less and less every day. but THIS. this is the new bees knees. its the first thing he goes to when we get downstairs. he pulls himself right up and starts playing away. he knows exactly which button does what and always hits the round one 3 times in a row to play a certain song. he will stand up at this thing for 45 minutes and boogie away! (if you follow me on instagram, you have seen him shake his booty)

7. infantino support shopping cart & high chair cover - i couldn't believe how expensive shopping cart covers were. i knew i didn't want to pay this price but when i began to look around, a lot of them were in this same price range and i had a coupon, so i got the original one i wanted. i LOVE it. C has been known to fall asleep sitting in it during trips to target so i think he loves it too. the sides have "bumpers" that you can fold in or fold out, theres a clear plastic pouch in the front center where we have put our phones with music from time to time, there are pockets in the front for us to set things down like a bottle etc, and there are loops for us to attach toys. its really "loud" with the bright colors but you can't win em all… or can you!? its really plush and has fit in all sorts of high chairs too. we'll call it a success.


  1. I didn't know about the secure toy thing...we need that soooo bad!!!

  2. 1 and 2... YES! And Ford is loving to stand on his activity table too! Crue needs a banana brush, so great for teething!

  3. We had one of those stand and play things when my kids were babies and they loved it! I also wish we had gone with that Ikea high chair, it seems so much easier to clean than the traditional kind.

  4. How is C doing with teething?