Friday, March 28, 2014

spring wish list : jcrew edition

the j.crew factory sucks me in. while i don't often get lucky enough to click that order button, i spend lots of time clicking that "add to cart" button. things seem like they are priced so well and then BOOM. it all adds up. it gets me. EVERY DARN TIME.


i am LOVING the light mint on that tunic! it looks so airy and i want to wear it over a swim suit i can't get over the flirty feminine look of the white eyelet top either. how could would that be with some wedges?! i don't think i could pull off that bright plaid button up but that doesn't stop me from wanting in my closet and dreaming of pairing it up with a bright skirt. and of course chambray is just a must have of any season, am i rite? i have one from jcrew that i got after C was born, but it fits awkwardly. i have to size up to fit my chest and then it just hangs off my girls creating the illusion of a much larger tummy than i actually have. can my tummy possibly look any bigger?! i digress. i wonder if maybe this top fits a bit different?!


i'll take those navy shorts, one in every size so i won't ever have to be without. i haven't seen them in person but they seem to be the perfect type of shorts to dress up or down. maybe pair with the white eyelet top?! ay yi captain. while you're at it, give me some colored shorts because thats the perfect pop of color against some tan legs or a chambray top. maybe not the 3 inch chino's though. i don't have the legs i use to! we're workin' on that. and i love the mint ones. is mint still gunna be popular this summer? it sure was a hit last year! the color of that skirt is so pretty i couldn't not throw that in my cart. it looks ridiculously comfortable. the perfect type of skirt that i might live in when i leave the house so i can look like a presentable mom and still chase after my crawling kiddo. pair that with the plaid button up and you have yourself an outfit! which brings me to the plaid shorts. toss those on with a slouchy white v neck? now THAT is my kind of outfit.

what are you crushin' on this spring?!

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