Saturday, March 29, 2014

when in doubt - peace out.

earlier this week, it was 8 degrees. it still felt like another "sub zero" day.
today? its a whopping 30 degrees.
this morning? raining. i even saw some grass.
but right now? SNOWING.
that grass? long gone.
my deck? COVERED.
minnesota? over it.

we are so cruise ready!!
i can hardly handle my excitement to have my baby and my husband all to myself for over a week!
can not wait to share the ocean with C and dip his little baby toes in the sand!

sunsets. endless food. the ocean waves. the breeze.

i will miss you lovelies!
see you when i return.
as a tan twenty-seven year old.


  1. Glad yore getting out of the cold. Enjoy your vacay. Cute little cruise outfits! ;)

  2. Oh yay yay yay! You guys are going to have SO much fun. I love all the stuff you have packed! I can't wait to see all of your pictures when you return :) :)

  3. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy
    I'm so jealous!!!

  4. Have fun on vacay! Can't wait to see some cute pictures of Crue

  5. You should see it out there now! We got like a foot of snow last night. Ugh.