Tuesday, April 29, 2014

all aboard!

day 1: boarding the ship

after our day in florida, we woke up on saturday morning for some breakfast at the hotel. after eating with two elderly women that couldn't get enough of C, we went back to our room to grab our luggage and head to the lobby where everyone was filling in as we all waited for our shuttles to come and take us to the port. 
thankfully our wait wasn't long and we got on our shuttle with 6 others to take us to port everglades for independence of the seas! 

C was so happy. i don't know if it was the florida air or what!? it was as if he just knew he was about to have one hell of a vacation with lots of daddy time. 

once on the ship, we went to the windjammer to eat :) while isaiah was in line holding crue, C peed! ALL OVER both of them! ha ha ha ha ha. i was dying. what good timing eh?! so off they went to change C while i looked out our window at boats nearby until they returned. there wasn't a high chair around at the time so C had a big boy chair all to himself and made quite the mess on the floor. followed by a huge mess in his pants. cue: backup outfit #2.
(when you get off the shuttle, there are porters ready who take all of your luggage. this way you don't have to lug it around on the ship with you before your cabin/stateroom is ready and it will magically appear in your room later that evening. its amazing! but be patient. there about 4,000 people on board! and remember to pack everything you think you might want or need in a little carry on, back pack or beach bag. this is when we found out 2 outfits for C wasn't enough!)

looked SO small from our ship, but i wouldn't mind living in FL and owning that yacht!

after we ate, we walked around the ship to check things out and show crue his new home for the next 8 days! our rooms were ready for us at 1pm so we went to find it and C immediately passed out so isaiah decided to take a small cat nap with him and i went to the library to text with my friend jordan that was boarding a cruise ship with her babe the next day ;) 

a few of these are located around the ship to help you find out whats going on :)

at any time we could hit this ROYAL BABIES and see what was happening for C. 
we never ended up using the nursery (hi, stage 5 clinger right here, remember???)
but it was nice to know that it was there!

during their nap i heard the announcement for the muster drill so i went back to our room and isaiah had just woken up from hearing the announcement as well. we woke up C and found out he ruined his 3rd and LAST outfit that we had with us so i wrapped him up in our sakura ring sling, left our beach bag in our room and went to our designated area for the safety drill. i was a little worried about the loudness of the horn for C but he was not phased what so ever.

every day you'll get a cruise compass delivered to your room. they're filled with information and a fully detailed schedule listing whats going on around the ship and when! 

after the muster, we headed up to the sky bar to meet some people from cruise critic for the sail away party! we found tim and terri from our hotel, got a drink and went to the bow of the ship to wave good bye :)

i don't know why it is such a big deal during the sail away party but it totally is. reminds me of titanic. there are so many people on land waving to you on the ship as you leave. i wonder if i lived in florida if i would walk outside every time and wave to strangers. tim and terri had a bright green sign so we called our parents and told them to watch for us on the webcam! the screen shots aren't great but our parents said it was perfect quality and they felt like they were right there saying bye!

our new friends have the green sign. tim is holding it up and terri is standing next to me. port everglades has such a good webcam and that sign made it really easier for our parents to find us! we may consider bringing one for future sail off's :)

we sailed off around 5-530pm and our dinner time for this cruise was at 6pm so we went back to our room to see if our luggage had arrived yet knowing we couldn't take C in to the main dining room (MDR) wearing his honest diaper, lol! and luckily for us, our luggage came! i have serious OCD so i had to unload all 4 of our suitcases and get unpacked right away. while i did that, isaiah got C dressed and then we went off to dinner. we were about 15 minutes late, though that never matters too much as the 2nd dinner seating isn't until 8pm. (we weren't late any other night though, i just HAD to unpack!) we had a table for 6 so we sat with a couple and their 13 year old son from ohio every night. sitting with strangers isn't for every one but we like to meet people that way :) our first cruise together it was just the 2 of us and we were next to a large table of texans who sent shots our way every night and insisted it was a celebration for our newly engagement. after that we decided to sit with others every time and its always been fun! 

on the 1st night of every cruise there is a welcome aboard parade so we made sure we didn't miss that. C fell asleep but had woken up about half way through and was leaning waaaay over to check out the girl on top of the bridge! she was in a bikini with wings and i just couldn't help but laugh and think to myself that this is only the beginning of being a boy mom!

one of our favorite things is to be out on the pool deck at night so we made a quick stop up there before heading to bed. i can not believe that were just sailing in the middle of the ocean in the pitch dark! crazy pants. C absolutely loved the breeze and being out on the deck at night. before we cruised with a baby, isaiah and i would go out to the hot tub every night before bed. now thats not our reality - i wouldn't change it for the world though! i also think it would be the perfect time for a run.. you know, if i did that sort of thing.

zoomed in as far as we could with the lens we had. but waaay out there was another ship!

forgive all the horrible pictures. we had a hard time learning how to use the new DSLR with out natural lighting when we were on the ship. ha. better luck next time! 

C zonked out again on the way back to our room which was the perfect signal that we had all better go to sleep so we can wake up for our first full day at sea!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

our vacation as 3!

you guys.
i have NO idea how to recap our amazing amazing vacation!
(without boring you all or overwhelming myself)

it was pure bliss.

we woke up early on friday (3/28) AM to catch our flight for florida. we were scheduled to depart at 10:40am with our ride picking us up at 8:30am so we woke C up as last minute as possible which was about 8:15am. he is not a morning dude! isaiah brought our bags downstairs, i got C ready, we locked up the dogs and we were on our way!
the airport was a BREEZE. shout out to MPLS TSA for being so kick ass with my breast milk. our first stop was caribou (because, duh) and C was happy as a clam. he loved it!

as a kid, the airport was my absolute favorite place in the world so i loved watching him enjoy it all too :) at our gate there were some high school girls with their parents for spring break and they kept oogling over crue, only to sit right behind us on the flight! he flirted with them in between napping like a champ. our first flight was a complete success!

we landed safely in sunny florida and were SO READY to feel the warmth! once our hotel shuttle came to pick us up, a lady asked to help me out and hold C while i got in. that lady turned out to be someone from our cruise critic roll call and she was THE sweetest! her and her husband (terri and tim) were staying at the same hotel with us so we met up with them again later for dinner. our hotel's restaurant was DEEEEELICIOUS. probably because i am obsessed with mini corn dogs and pub food. not to mention they had the best dr pepper in the world.
C tuckered out during dinner and we had a good relaxing night at the hotel so we could wake up early in preparation for our busy saturday!

mom. whats this warm weather and bright light?!

waiting for our shuttle in sunny FL!

tuckered out!

same thing saturday morning. woke up crue last minute before heading to breakfast, back up to our room for the luggage and hopping on the shuttle to head to port everglades and get on our ship!

check back next week for the rest of our days! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

and so we try again.

this week is National Infertility Awareness Week, or also seen around as NIAW.
its a week near and dear to my heart.

so today?
sweet Emily over at Hope Squared is opening up her blog to me.
im opening up about infertility. im advocating for our 'disease'.
im also telling you, that, here we are. looking infertility in the eye again.

resolve to know more.
+ 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility
+ infertility affects about 10% of the population
+ infertility can be diagnosed for both women AND men
+ ONLY 15 states have passed laws requiring insurance to cover some level of infertility treatment. minnesota is not one of them.
+ infertility treatments can make one go bat shit crazy.

this year i blog about it with an 8 month old on the floor while he repeatedly dumps out his easter basket. last year i blogged for 2013's NIAW with a baby in my belly. though i have no blog posts for the 3 years before that, i have scars and memories of pain.

since the moment i was cleared from my dr at 6 weeks post partum on 9.13.13, we began trying for another baby.
its now 4.21.14. we have had 7 months of no luck. on top of our unlucky years before having Crue.

when we were in florida, we had some VERY rude pervy man in the lobby of our hotel who kept chatting with isaiah and i as we looked around after checking. i don't know how it happened but some words came out of his mouth asking me how many kids i have, as isaiah was holding C - and i said "one, thats my kid" as i pointed over to my husband with my son. some more words went by, perhaps about more children? i don't even remember. but what i remember is that next he mentioned something about having sex. how making kids is so much fun. 1st: EXCUSE ME? 2nd: YOU DONT KNOW MY LIFE. 3rd: i am infertile. C was not a result of "having fun". 4th: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU. i won't ever forget that man or those words. like, what?

crue is our joy. he is our miracle. and of course he was well worth every needle, every ultrasound, every doctor visit, tear and struggle. more worth it than i could tell anyone.

i love that i get to play with him every day. he's a great distraction from infertility. because even though we have him? infertility is still a part of my life. our reality.

isaiah and i have been discussing how long we want to try on our own. how long do we wait for a period, how many ovulation kits we want to keep buying, how many mornings i'll take my temperature before going to get crue. and.
when we want to throw in the towel and back to our RE.
when enough is enough, if you will.

right now? we take it day by day.

but the truth is,
it still stings.

thank you Resolve for 25 years of your support.
thank you Emily for opening your blog to me during such an important week <3

read here about 25 ways you can support the movement.

Monday, April 21, 2014


i can not believe how much C has learned this month. it was like the moment he hit 8 months he started showing us everything he's been processing. he turned 8 months while we were on the ship the day after i turned 27 and it has been a blast watching him wave! i can't wait to see what the rest of this month (and the future months) bring to us!

doctor appointment: none this month! our 9 month appt is scheduled for 5/2.
height: something over 27 inches.
weight: our home scale says 18lbs on the dot with clothes and a diaper.
head: probably as big as mine.

nicknames: the ones that we use most often are crueshoe, boobear, cru-manji and cru-makazie.

- still with us. i don't know when that will end?
- had the BEST sleep of his life on the ship. he went down every night on his own and never woke up. every morning we woke him so we could go to breakfast or get off the ship if it was a port day.
- since he never woke up around 4-430am on the ship, we stopped waking him when we got home. isaiah said its hard because now he doesn't get to see him before work!
- sleeps about 10-12 hours a night on average. usually its 10pm to 10am.
- is eager for a pillow. sometimes he wakes up in the morning and cries until he finds a pillow. lays his head down and passes right back out. so crazy!

- 6oz at a time
- usually about 30-36oz a day but I've noticed a decrease in this lately. perhaps its because he was sick or more intake of solids?
- no purees. all finger foods.
- food hoarder. when we were in labadee he had a pickle at the bbq on the island, then some other food, then went in to the water where he proceeded to take a nap on me. when he woke up, it had been about two hours since he ate the pickle. and there it was! just chillin' in his cheeks.

- if you hang out with us for 24 hours a day and hear him cry more than once, i'd probably give you money. C is the happiest baby i have ever seen. *knock on wood*

- cuddles
- pushing his walker across the room
- playing with his oma
- sleep
- pickles
- the water. makes my heart so happy!
- people. this boy will never meet a stranger in his life i don't think.

- being in the car seat. i blame vacation and not being in one for 12 days.
- having his poopy diapers changed/laying still

earrings from majestical

- size 3 honest diapers
- size 2 shoes with socks. without socks they're a bit big.
- size 3-6 month in most clothing brands. except for ralph lauren he wears 9 months. they run small. I've also heard people say carters and gap runs small? but he wears 3 month carters and 3-6 month gap. how odd. i think all clothing designers need to collaborate and go to a sizing retreat where they can all come together and start to make sense! (are you listening gap?!)

milestones/whats happening:
- first plane ride(s) and cruise!
- his first time to FL (besides when i was 18 weeks pregnant)
- first time in the ocean and pool
- met the easter bunny (BIG FAN!)
- pet some chicks & saw some fishes
- the bottom two teeth are so big! the top ones are coming in any time now.
- standing for moments minutes at a time unassisted
- taking 1-4 steps!
- learned how to wave hi/bye!
- when asked "how big is crue" he raises both arms in the air so you can say "soooo big!!"
- his oma (my mom) came to visit! he loves playing with her.
- learned how to clap on easter! and had 0 interest in going to bed because he was far too busy showing off his new trick.

- has LOTS of pounds to lose before our next cruise!
- got the sickies along with C man
- has baby fever. but is terrified about sharing my heart. you know, the things all moms contemplate between baby 1 and 2.
- so happy to be tan again!
- suffering from caribbean'itis. take me back!

- stopped waking C up at 4am in the mornings
- has C wrapped around his little finger! our vacation was the most time he's got to spend with C in a constant wave since we came home from the hospital and they both loved every minute of it.
- was able to see crue learn how to wave, stand and take his first step!
- working hard to reach another goal at work that qualifies us for a free trip to hawaii next march!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

theres a first for everything!

its time for another first holiday with my baby!

easter is my favorite holiday. hands down.
i remember more easters as a kid than any other holiday, i'm not sure why?!

my grandma gives all the kids an easter basket until we get married. then i passed the chore on to isaiah ;) i remember the first easter basket he gave me. i was hooked.

& then theres last year. last year easter was on march 31st. the day before my birthday. we spent it up north in the hospital with my grandpa. it was not a fun way to spend easter. but i'm forever thankful that i spent it the way i did. ill never forget the moment that isaiah went to the bathroom and i took the chance to crawl up on the hospital bed with my grandpa for some snuggles. i had my grandpa, my husband and a baby dancing in my belly. that was the last time i got to talk with crapa. two weeks later, he went to heaven.
its hard spending first holidays without someone near and dear to your heart. but having first holidays as a new parent helps with that. something fierce.

this year! i tried telling isaiah we needed a special easter basket for crue but he wasn't exactly having it. i kept hearing "why can't we buy one from target?!" - becauuuuuse. "i don't wanna! he needs his ownnnnn". the battle went on and on.`
it wasn't until my mom came to town that SHE told us he needs an easter basket because its just like needing a stocking on christmas! genius. and of course, isaiah obliged :)

i am OBSESSED with his easter basket. i love that i can use it for a few different reasons, and its collapsable! isaiah loves it too. he told me i did good. now i want a matching one for me. for now, ill settle with my target basket ;) while secretly hoping that next time i order an easter basket, it'll be one for me + baby number 2. one can hope, right?!

already excited for easter next year!
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