Tuesday, April 29, 2014

all aboard!

day 1: boarding the ship

after our day in florida, we woke up on saturday morning for some breakfast at the hotel. after eating with two elderly women that couldn't get enough of C, we went back to our room to grab our luggage and head to the lobby where everyone was filling in as we all waited for our shuttles to come and take us to the port. 
thankfully our wait wasn't long and we got on our shuttle with 6 others to take us to port everglades for independence of the seas! 

C was so happy. i don't know if it was the florida air or what!? it was as if he just knew he was about to have one hell of a vacation with lots of daddy time. 

once on the ship, we went to the windjammer to eat :) while isaiah was in line holding crue, C peed! ALL OVER both of them! ha ha ha ha ha. i was dying. what good timing eh?! so off they went to change C while i looked out our window at boats nearby until they returned. there wasn't a high chair around at the time so C had a big boy chair all to himself and made quite the mess on the floor. followed by a huge mess in his pants. cue: backup outfit #2.
(when you get off the shuttle, there are porters ready who take all of your luggage. this way you don't have to lug it around on the ship with you before your cabin/stateroom is ready and it will magically appear in your room later that evening. its amazing! but be patient. there about 4,000 people on board! and remember to pack everything you think you might want or need in a little carry on, back pack or beach bag. this is when we found out 2 outfits for C wasn't enough!)

looked SO small from our ship, but i wouldn't mind living in FL and owning that yacht!

after we ate, we walked around the ship to check things out and show crue his new home for the next 8 days! our rooms were ready for us at 1pm so we went to find it and C immediately passed out so isaiah decided to take a small cat nap with him and i went to the library to text with my friend jordan that was boarding a cruise ship with her babe the next day ;) 

a few of these are located around the ship to help you find out whats going on :)

at any time we could hit this ROYAL BABIES and see what was happening for C. 
we never ended up using the nursery (hi, stage 5 clinger right here, remember???)
but it was nice to know that it was there!

during their nap i heard the announcement for the muster drill so i went back to our room and isaiah had just woken up from hearing the announcement as well. we woke up C and found out he ruined his 3rd and LAST outfit that we had with us so i wrapped him up in our sakura ring sling, left our beach bag in our room and went to our designated area for the safety drill. i was a little worried about the loudness of the horn for C but he was not phased what so ever.

every day you'll get a cruise compass delivered to your room. they're filled with information and a fully detailed schedule listing whats going on around the ship and when! 

after the muster, we headed up to the sky bar to meet some people from cruise critic for the sail away party! we found tim and terri from our hotel, got a drink and went to the bow of the ship to wave good bye :)

i don't know why it is such a big deal during the sail away party but it totally is. reminds me of titanic. there are so many people on land waving to you on the ship as you leave. i wonder if i lived in florida if i would walk outside every time and wave to strangers. tim and terri had a bright green sign so we called our parents and told them to watch for us on the webcam! the screen shots aren't great but our parents said it was perfect quality and they felt like they were right there saying bye!

our new friends have the green sign. tim is holding it up and terri is standing next to me. port everglades has such a good webcam and that sign made it really easier for our parents to find us! we may consider bringing one for future sail off's :)

we sailed off around 5-530pm and our dinner time for this cruise was at 6pm so we went back to our room to see if our luggage had arrived yet knowing we couldn't take C in to the main dining room (MDR) wearing his honest diaper, lol! and luckily for us, our luggage came! i have serious OCD so i had to unload all 4 of our suitcases and get unpacked right away. while i did that, isaiah got C dressed and then we went off to dinner. we were about 15 minutes late, though that never matters too much as the 2nd dinner seating isn't until 8pm. (we weren't late any other night though, i just HAD to unpack!) we had a table for 6 so we sat with a couple and their 13 year old son from ohio every night. sitting with strangers isn't for every one but we like to meet people that way :) our first cruise together it was just the 2 of us and we were next to a large table of texans who sent shots our way every night and insisted it was a celebration for our newly engagement. after that we decided to sit with others every time and its always been fun! 

on the 1st night of every cruise there is a welcome aboard parade so we made sure we didn't miss that. C fell asleep but had woken up about half way through and was leaning waaaay over to check out the girl on top of the bridge! she was in a bikini with wings and i just couldn't help but laugh and think to myself that this is only the beginning of being a boy mom!

one of our favorite things is to be out on the pool deck at night so we made a quick stop up there before heading to bed. i can not believe that were just sailing in the middle of the ocean in the pitch dark! crazy pants. C absolutely loved the breeze and being out on the deck at night. before we cruised with a baby, isaiah and i would go out to the hot tub every night before bed. now thats not our reality - i wouldn't change it for the world though! i also think it would be the perfect time for a run.. you know, if i did that sort of thing.

zoomed in as far as we could with the lens we had. but waaay out there was another ship!

forgive all the horrible pictures. we had a hard time learning how to use the new DSLR with out natural lighting when we were on the ship. ha. better luck next time! 

C zonked out again on the way back to our room which was the perfect signal that we had all better go to sleep so we can wake up for our first full day at sea!

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  1. This makes me want to go on a cruise reeeeaaaalll bad!!!! PS...am I really going to FINALLY meet you this Sat for real?!?! I just checked the event on FB and is says you are going?!!?

  2. Gahhh! This looks so fun! I've never been on a cruise but would love to! Also, my parents live on the ocean, right on the Boston line and the cruise ships always pass by their house all summer long. Whenever they are on the deck, they wave, and my niece is obsessed with running out to the deck with the binoculars so she can "wave to my friends!" haha

  3. Looks sooooooo fun! Easiest way and quickest way to use a DSLR in that sort of situation is to set it to aperture priority, pick your fstop and turn on the flash if the pics are too grainy. :) That way you can have the depth of field you want but the camera will choose the rest of teh settings for you :)

  4. I can't wait to read more about your ports. I know Crue is an island baby at heart!

  5. Awe, I went on a cruise a zillion years ago and would love to go on one again, they are so much fun! Glad you guys enjoyed your time, multiple outfit changes and explosive diapers included;)

  6. So much fun. I need to go on a cruise. I love that they have a sail away part. so funny

  7. I'm hoping to take my crew on a cruise very soon! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure :)

  8. Looks like such a great trip!! Love your little fam!!