Monday, April 21, 2014


i can not believe how much C has learned this month. it was like the moment he hit 8 months he started showing us everything he's been processing. he turned 8 months while we were on the ship the day after i turned 27 and it has been a blast watching him wave! i can't wait to see what the rest of this month (and the future months) bring to us!

doctor appointment: none this month! our 9 month appt is scheduled for 5/2.
height: something over 27 inches.
weight: our home scale says 18lbs on the dot with clothes and a diaper.
head: probably as big as mine.

nicknames: the ones that we use most often are crueshoe, boobear, cru-manji and cru-makazie.

- still with us. i don't know when that will end?
- had the BEST sleep of his life on the ship. he went down every night on his own and never woke up. every morning we woke him so we could go to breakfast or get off the ship if it was a port day.
- since he never woke up around 4-430am on the ship, we stopped waking him when we got home. isaiah said its hard because now he doesn't get to see him before work!
- sleeps about 10-12 hours a night on average. usually its 10pm to 10am.
- is eager for a pillow. sometimes he wakes up in the morning and cries until he finds a pillow. lays his head down and passes right back out. so crazy!

- 6oz at a time
- usually about 30-36oz a day but I've noticed a decrease in this lately. perhaps its because he was sick or more intake of solids?
- no purees. all finger foods.
- food hoarder. when we were in labadee he had a pickle at the bbq on the island, then some other food, then went in to the water where he proceeded to take a nap on me. when he woke up, it had been about two hours since he ate the pickle. and there it was! just chillin' in his cheeks.

- if you hang out with us for 24 hours a day and hear him cry more than once, i'd probably give you money. C is the happiest baby i have ever seen. *knock on wood*

- cuddles
- pushing his walker across the room
- playing with his oma
- sleep
- pickles
- the water. makes my heart so happy!
- people. this boy will never meet a stranger in his life i don't think.

- being in the car seat. i blame vacation and not being in one for 12 days.
- having his poopy diapers changed/laying still

earrings from majestical

- size 3 honest diapers
- size 2 shoes with socks. without socks they're a bit big.
- size 3-6 month in most clothing brands. except for ralph lauren he wears 9 months. they run small. I've also heard people say carters and gap runs small? but he wears 3 month carters and 3-6 month gap. how odd. i think all clothing designers need to collaborate and go to a sizing retreat where they can all come together and start to make sense! (are you listening gap?!)

milestones/whats happening:
- first plane ride(s) and cruise!
- his first time to FL (besides when i was 18 weeks pregnant)
- first time in the ocean and pool
- met the easter bunny (BIG FAN!)
- pet some chicks & saw some fishes
- the bottom two teeth are so big! the top ones are coming in any time now.
- standing for moments minutes at a time unassisted
- taking 1-4 steps!
- learned how to wave hi/bye!
- when asked "how big is crue" he raises both arms in the air so you can say "soooo big!!"
- his oma (my mom) came to visit! he loves playing with her.
- learned how to clap on easter! and had 0 interest in going to bed because he was far too busy showing off his new trick.

- has LOTS of pounds to lose before our next cruise!
- got the sickies along with C man
- has baby fever. but is terrified about sharing my heart. you know, the things all moms contemplate between baby 1 and 2.
- so happy to be tan again!
- suffering from caribbean'itis. take me back!

- stopped waking C up at 4am in the mornings
- has C wrapped around his little finger! our vacation was the most time he's got to spend with C in a constant wave since we came home from the hospital and they both loved every minute of it.
- was able to see crue learn how to wave, stand and take his first step!
- working hard to reach another goal at work that qualifies us for a free trip to hawaii next march!



  1. Oh my goodness, I just want to eat his face off!!! He is so stinkin adorable!!! Your family is precious!!!

  2. No way!!! I just can't believe he's already 8 months old. He's beyond perfect and so, so, so handsome! LOVE!

  3. He's such a ham!! Love those cheeks!

  4. I'm so jealous of how awesome Crue sleeps. I need him to teach Marcus all about the wonders of sleep.
    And, seriously, Crue is the freaking cutest.
    When can Crue come play with us?

  5. He's so cute! Lovely little fam you have!

  6. Seriously could he be any cuter?! And only eating 6oz - Mav is a hog he is up to 8 oz and we started cereal at night last week!!! Gah!!!! Sooo agree on clothing sizes - so annoying!!

  7. He is so stinkin cute! I seriously laughed out loud about the pickle. Grooss! :)

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need to see him soon! oh and you and your hubby too duh.

  9. Gorgeous photos as always!!! Looks like you had a great vacation too :)

  10. How in the world is he already 8 months old!? So precious!

  11. I cannot get over how cute he is!! His face is so freaking adorable. He just looks so so happy.

  12. He is just the cutest. Lucky guy, I'm 35 and still haven't scored a cruise!!!

  13. There is no way he's 8 months old already?!?!?! He is SO PRECIOUS!!!!! Seriously. We need to have a boy baby date ASAP!!!