Friday, April 25, 2014

our vacation as 3!

you guys.
i have NO idea how to recap our amazing amazing vacation!
(without boring you all or overwhelming myself)

it was pure bliss.

we woke up early on friday (3/28) AM to catch our flight for florida. we were scheduled to depart at 10:40am with our ride picking us up at 8:30am so we woke C up as last minute as possible which was about 8:15am. he is not a morning dude! isaiah brought our bags downstairs, i got C ready, we locked up the dogs and we were on our way!
the airport was a BREEZE. shout out to MPLS TSA for being so kick ass with my breast milk. our first stop was caribou (because, duh) and C was happy as a clam. he loved it!

as a kid, the airport was my absolute favorite place in the world so i loved watching him enjoy it all too :) at our gate there were some high school girls with their parents for spring break and they kept oogling over crue, only to sit right behind us on the flight! he flirted with them in between napping like a champ. our first flight was a complete success!

we landed safely in sunny florida and were SO READY to feel the warmth! once our hotel shuttle came to pick us up, a lady asked to help me out and hold C while i got in. that lady turned out to be someone from our cruise critic roll call and she was THE sweetest! her and her husband (terri and tim) were staying at the same hotel with us so we met up with them again later for dinner. our hotel's restaurant was DEEEEELICIOUS. probably because i am obsessed with mini corn dogs and pub food. not to mention they had the best dr pepper in the world.
C tuckered out during dinner and we had a good relaxing night at the hotel so we could wake up early in preparation for our busy saturday!

mom. whats this warm weather and bright light?!

waiting for our shuttle in sunny FL!

tuckered out!

same thing saturday morning. woke up crue last minute before heading to breakfast, back up to our room for the luggage and hopping on the shuttle to head to port everglades and get on our ship!

check back next week for the rest of our days! 


  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great time!

  2. Yay for vacations as 3!! :) Can't wait for the rest!