Thursday, April 17, 2014

theres a first for everything!

its time for another first holiday with my baby!

easter is my favorite holiday. hands down.
i remember more easters as a kid than any other holiday, i'm not sure why?!

my grandma gives all the kids an easter basket until we get married. then i passed the chore on to isaiah ;) i remember the first easter basket he gave me. i was hooked.

& then theres last year. last year easter was on march 31st. the day before my birthday. we spent it up north in the hospital with my grandpa. it was not a fun way to spend easter. but i'm forever thankful that i spent it the way i did. ill never forget the moment that isaiah went to the bathroom and i took the chance to crawl up on the hospital bed with my grandpa for some snuggles. i had my grandpa, my husband and a baby dancing in my belly. that was the last time i got to talk with crapa. two weeks later, he went to heaven.
its hard spending first holidays without someone near and dear to your heart. but having first holidays as a new parent helps with that. something fierce.

this year! i tried telling isaiah we needed a special easter basket for crue but he wasn't exactly having it. i kept hearing "why can't we buy one from target?!" - becauuuuuse. "i don't wanna! he needs his ownnnnn". the battle went on and on.`
it wasn't until my mom came to town that SHE told us he needs an easter basket because its just like needing a stocking on christmas! genius. and of course, isaiah obliged :)

i am OBSESSED with his easter basket. i love that i can use it for a few different reasons, and its collapsable! isaiah loves it too. he told me i did good. now i want a matching one for me. for now, ill settle with my target basket ;) while secretly hoping that next time i order an easter basket, it'll be one for me + baby number 2. one can hope, right?!

already excited for easter next year!
linking up with sarah for the 2014 easter basket hop!


  1. hell i would remember easters too if my baskets were that cool! :)

  2. So cute!! My grandmother is in her 80s, and for as long as I can remember, she has an easter egg hunt at her house every year for the grandkids (there's alot now!) and she makes an easter basket for ALL the grandkids, and grownups!! We moved away a few years ago, so I really miss her the most on Easter! Your basket is adorable! My boys are now 7 & 11, and one doesn't believe anymore--but I still like to make cute baskets for them!!

  3. We have those jammies and I LOVE them on Mav!!! The cotton tail hiney is the best!! Love Crue's basket!!

  4. Crue is going to LOVE his basket full of goodies. Did you order the basket online?? So cute!

  5. Turner has that sippy cup and it's his favorite one...he has a things with straws, loves them!!! We also have those same sunglasses for him!!!

  6. I cannot WAIT to see him in that navy outfit with the whales! And he's going to look like SUCH a stud with those sunnies! Thanks for linking up my sweet friend!

  7. I picked up a chevron striped bucket for Matthew's Easter basket and it's been filled for weeks! I had a lot of fun putting puffs and toys in it. My excuse for buying him new things kept being, "it's for his Easter basket!" hahaha

  8. That basket - STOP IT! And, I totally love your mom for the reasoning behind having a basket. Smart lady right there.

  9. Adorable basket! Love everything in it. I hope your little one enjoyed his basket!