Friday, May 30, 2014

oh how fast it goes.

3 months

6 months

9 months

i am in shock that the next time we repeat this picture, my baby will be 1!

we just got our family spring session/9 month photos back and i am pretty happy with how they turned out considering C skipped his nap and cared way more about the grass below than the lens straight ahead!

happy friday friends!

congrats to Bridget H for winning the huggies clutch giveaway! you've been emailed :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

'out with the old & in with the new' is not always better.

day 6: old san juan

since we were delayed leaving st.kitts, i was really worried that we would be late coming in to san juan. our day was already short due to our schedule being docked from 9am-2pm and i didn't want to miss any time at this port. san juan was new to both isaiah and i, so we were eager to explore and live up to the tourist label.

and my oh my.

we will be going back. our ship docked in old san juan and it was truly breath taking. such an old quaint town with so much history and charm. our 4 hours spent on the island was not enough time.
not close!


we got off the ship and made way for cariloha, a store with everything bamboo. we learned about this store on previous cruises and are dyyying to get some bamboo sheets for our bed! the prices went up so we didn't get any this time around. i did get a sports bra and i could live in that baby! so.soft. it took us a while to get there because we stopped along the way at some other shops, buying a neon orange tank top for crue that says "i <3 puerto rico".

while we were in cariloha, we ran in to mike & paula!!! we met them on the ship through terri & tim because the 4 of them had met previously on another cruise. we all "spoke" (commented?!) often on cruise critic and it was such a joy to meet them. mike & paula asked if we wanted to join them for lunch :) we ended up at raice's, AND I AM SO GLAD WE DID.  
i'm the worlds pickiest eater. getting me to try something new is like pulling out a tooth. but i went with the mofongo, a true puerto rican dish with plantains. my mouth is watering now.



after lunch, we walked to a small bakery for a cupcake. sadly, there was one on the pamphlet someone gave us right when we got off the ship that had the most delicious looking cupcake, but EVERYONE we asked about the place had no idea where it was. finally someone told us it was too far and directed us towards another bakery, which had no cupcakes :( isaiah got a little croissant & then we made way for the ship. when we got back on board we grabbed a drink & a dessert, FO FREE - then went up to the bow to say goodbye as we sailed away from puerto rico.

500 year old blue brick, and the most beautiful thing!

til next time San Juan!

our time in old san jaun was entirely too short. i can not wait to learn how to use our DSLR and return to get better pictures of this sweet, sweet place. isaiah and i are thinking we will return and spend 3-4 days then just sail on another cruise from there!

the good thing about a short day at port, was more time to get ready for our 2nd formal night before dinner.

and can i just say that i love formal night? there are so many people who bitch about them being a part of a cruise that the new quantum ship doesn't have formal nights OR a main dining room. to those people, i say 1. don't cruise. 2. eat somewhere else than the main dining room that night or 3. embrace it! isaiah and i absolutely love dressing up for the formal nights on the ship. its totally something that we don't get to do often around home, so i imagine we'll be dressing up for our formal nights on many cruises to come! not to mention i thought crue looked beyond adorable in his sailor outfit + little suit.

dinner that night happened to be all you can eat lobster, which majority of the cruiser's go fanatic over. i however, do not. of course our whole table ordered a zillion of them and i just kind of tried to not breathe.


 after dinner we went back to our room to grab our beach bag of sorts that we constantly carried around with us. aka, the diaper & snack bag. too bad C isn't old enough to carry it because the entire thing was full of stuff for him!

we left the room & went to the headliner show which was an outstanding band. i wish i could remember off the top of my head their name. i feel like it was something sunshine, but i would have to dig up our cruise compass to check, aaaaand that still happens to be stashed away in the front pouch of our luggage tucked away in our garage. great place for it huh? they started out with some country, which i'm not always a fan of - but this was good. they delivered it well and sang lots of covers that the audience had requested too. dammit. i wish i remembered their name!
the theater was PACKED and we didn't get there early enough, so we watched from the upper level at the bar for awhile jamming with C… until C passed out. then we decided to watch the rest of the show from the stairs! i have never had to do that on a cruise before. our ship was totally booked and all of the rooms had sold, so i shouldn't have been surprised that the shows got so busy! i couldn't believe that crue fell asleep in the middle of this show either. the band was super loud and the crowd was HYPED.

and then we went to the royal promenade for a parade :) we got there just before it started so we found seats at the little pub, ordered a drink and people watched a bit as we waited. the promenade filled up fast!

C slept through the whole thing.

this little guy was waiting for us back at our room :) i love the towel animals. they are such a small touch but they make my heart so happy! although crue demolished it when he woke up for his change into pajamas. 

and then it was bedtime. the next following day was our last port - and my absolute FAVORITE. i was so excited from head to toe for isaiah to see the port i loved most!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


last weekend we had family pictures taken so we decided it was time to trim up crue's hair a bit. i have been sitting on the fence for quite some time to get it done but mainly because i was selfish and didn't want to admit that my baby was growing up. i never thought he would need a hair cut before turning 1! i must have completely disregarded how much hair i had as a baby. we drove to uptown and popped in to juut with eliza to lighten up the load on his head a bit.

we made it through without crying.
totally did not expect that! and when i say that, i mean me. not him.

C did a great job. he sat all by himself on a booster and was pretty still for majority of the cut until she got behind his ears! he became super curious and kept trying to turn his head and look at her. it was definitely a successful first cut and i am so proud of him!

it wasn't until the next day that i kept staring at my baby, thinking his new hair cut easily ages him 3 months and shed a tear or two.

ps. my giveaway ends in 2 days!