Thursday, May 22, 2014

crue: NiNE M0NTHS!

i am just dying at how fast time has gone. i can't even believe that after this he will be ten months old and just two quick months after that my baby will be one. ONE! how! why? whaaaaat!

doctor appointment: may 2nd 2014 // 39 weeks old // exactly 9 months
our doctor says everything is great, he is incredibly happy and doing awesome! she said he is still gaining weight but most babies level out around this age and were not worried because he isn't losing weight, just being more mobile and burning those calories off more! people always tell me he is a big baby and they assume he's over 1 years old so i think were just fine on the height & weight front.

height: 27 3/4 inches long // 25%tile
weight: 17lbs 14oz - and here i was for the last two months guessing at least 18! oops. // 20%tile
head: 17 3/8 inches (first time we got that measurement instead of centimeters!) // 41%tile

nicknames: C, crue shoe, crumanji, stinker

sleep: we are co-sleeping addicts. we started this bad habit when he was 5 months old and i told you all our goal was to have him in his room around 9 months. well here we are! womp womp. one afternoon i laid him down in his crib for a nap and after 23 minutes of listening to him sob, i went in to get him. i rocked him in his glider, he fell asleep, i tried placing him back in his crib and he sobbed so hard he was convulsing. i repeated that 3 times until i said forget it. i have created a monster. who hates his crib. i even try to set him in there to play while i put his clothes away to get him use to it and NOPE. NOT A CHANCE. i have traumatized him. lucky for that little squirt, his daddy and i love sharing our bed with him at night. both isaiah and i hardly move so C has his own little sweet spot in the middle of us. i do wake up about 735 times a night so i love that i get to easily peek over and see him sleeping so peacefully. we no longer have a goal of when to transition him. i think things will change if we get pregnant because i wouldn't want a newborn interrupting his sleep.

eating: same ol' same ol'. bottles of milk and solids. he feeds himself everything except for the occasional pouches when were on the go. those came in handy when we were on the cruise and traveling on the plane! we stopped bringing them to restaurants because he just eats whatever we eat. we love that summer is coming because this boy looooves having watermelon!

mood: the pictures don't lie. he is happy 99% of our days. he use to only fuss in the car seat and now thats gone! i really think some days i don't hear him cry once. i don't know how i got so lucky. *knock on wood* you can bet i'm 110% terrified of what my future children will act like.

- walking (or trying to)
- his puppies! watching them play, being able to touch lambeau's fur, pulling beau's blanket around...
- the wind in his face.
- sleep (he got it from his mama!)
- food/eating!
- being tossed up high (scaring mama!) by daddy
- when someone smells his feet and says "P UUUUU!" hilarious.

- being woke(woken?) up
- when someone takes him off the stairs. boyfriend would climb them all day if we let him.
- people who don't share their food with him. holy grunting!
- not being fed fast enough
- diaper changes. big difference from his newborn days when he loved laying on his changing pad!

- 3-6 month onesies are still working great
- most 3-6 pants are too short but he has two pairs that are meant to be rolled so we wear those often because they fit great on his waist, and are super cute!
- we have a maroon pair of skinnies from gap and a green pair of jeans from ON that are both 3-6 and they are our favorites. we even have to roll the green ones up?! so weird.
- dipping in to more of our 6-12 month outfits as it gets warm because all of our summer outfits are in that size and they're pretty big yet!
- size 3 diapers
- size 2 shoes

how big is crue?

milestones/whats happening:
- we have a 3rd tooth! i thought the top ones would be next but nope! the 3rd little guy appeared on the bottom to the right of his first two. and now i think the bottom left is working its way. he may have 4 on bottom before any on the top!
- first haircut!! i couldn't even handle it. AH.
- climbing stairs! he will get all the way upstairs faster than you can spell m-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i.
- he gets so close to walking only to get so excited and proud of himself that he falls right over. he's been taking 4-6 steps for about a month now but hasn't got past that. though thats okay with me!
- we finally don't hate the car seat anymore! we went through a brutal period after the cruise but now were back in safe haven and there are no more tears.
- waves on command - unless he just woke up and the post office man is waving in his face like they're best friends.
- doing "soooo big" anywhere and everywhere. mothers day brunch a table next to us was doing it with their 1 year old - crue overheard them and was at our table constantly lifting his arms up. in another sentence i was saying "texas is so big!" and of course, up went his arms!
- was left home alone with daddy for 3 hours while i went to west end for the twin cities mom bloggers girls night out! i actually stopped the car and thought "shit. i have no milk for crue" - only to remind myself i didn't have crue either! i guess thats what happens when you never leave your baby.
- stands up unassisted for long periods of time. minutes.
- had his first mothers day with mama!
- went to the park - felt the grass for the first time, went down the slides and on the swing
- had 9 month pics on sunday the 18th

started t25! i am in week 2 of alpha and this is the longest i have stuck to anything. i do feel really slow and uncoordinated like a loser but it is what it is. progress not perfection, right?!
- i also started shakeology! and let me tell you. i love drinking those. they are way better than any herbalife or isagenix shake i've had in the past and our new ninja makes me look forward to making them in the mornings.
- officially 2 days late on my 2nd pp cycle. tww is never easy!

41w4d on the inside & 41w4d on the outside

- proud daddy!
- ready for #2
- loves walking with C to DQ after work on the rare event we have a nice day!



  1. Turner just started the 'so big' thing on command...finally!!! It's the cutest thing!!! I can't believe Crue only wears a size 2 shoe...T is in size 5 and even those are getting small :( His feet are so chubby and huge! I can't wait to see ALL of your 9 month pictures!!!

  2. The cuteness is too stinking much!!!! I love that little face! So proud of you for sticking with t25.


  3. SO cute! He's such a doll, seriously. It was so nice hanging out at the mom's night last week - we'll have to get our boys together for a little play date one of these days now!

  4. Gah! I love that sweet boy! How was he ever so little?!

  5. Good God...Could he get any cuter?? Get this kid into modeling, lady!

  6. Sweet sweet Crue! Such a happy boy! Isn't it so nice not having to pack food for the boys when you go out? Ford ate a salad with m at lunch yesterday... so much easier than packing stuff! I still don't trust him with pouches on his own or yogurt :) self feeding is MESSY!

    And I got a baby center email that said babies can start climbing stairs at this age... so the baby gates when up instantly!!

  7. He is absolutely adorable! I love his outfit with the star pants and "Only Good Vibes" shirt. You dress him well momma! Nice work!

  8. What a cutie! We're right there with the co-sleeping....and creating a crib-hating monster. hahaha! Also, that's so funny he is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. Baby clothes are so weird!

  9. Lordy you guys are adorable. I LOVE all his clothes - you are rocking the whole dressing a boy!! That hoodie with the "how big is Crue" I want it. For me and D! Good job on keeping at T25 - you are gonna rock it and I LOVE shakeo too - so glad you do! 2ww - gah!! Thinking of you!!!

  10. So precious! Love connecting with other Minneapolis bloggers!