Monday, May 5, 2014

'drink in the wild air'

day 3: our second sea day

a lot of our past cruises had just one sea day before reaching our first port - not this time! TWO sea days before reaching our first port.

it. was. glorious.

i love a good day at sea.

the first thing i do every morning is take a picture of the floor in the elevator as we headed down (or up) to breakfast. the cruise line must have tiny elves who change these every night because every morning its the right day and no matter how late we stay up, we never catch them! seeing what day it is in the elevators every morning makes me happier than it should. until we get to the end of the cruise. then its definitely a debby downer, dammit. not to mention, when we get home? all of my pictures are already sorted out by the day for me! 

after breakfast we went out to the pool deck for the splash zone and some UV rays!


crue learned to stand up by himself in the pool! we thought we would get back home and he would stand on land only to sway back & forth. ha ha ha. 

helllloooo tan lines from our first sea day!

^this is one of my absolute favorite pictures from our whole trip^

sea days are kind of like the "same shit different day" motto. i think they are the best kind of days. 100% relaxation. we wake up, we get breakfast and we head to the pool deck. pre-baby we would lay out and fall asleep catching a drink every time the medicine men (bartenders) came around and now even with a baby our days aren't much different. 

after we played in the splash zone with C for a good hour or two, we went back to our pool chairs for some lunch. each pool deck has a pool bar, a sky bar, ice cream machines & fro-yo machines where you can pretty much find isaiah every hour on the hour. this time we also had a new bar called SQUEEZE by us on the pool deck and there were THE BESSSST brats there. the buns were so delicious, they had a lot of toppings to choose from (no thanks) and paired it perfectly with super refreshing lemonade or orange juice freshly squeezed. naturally we took a few trips there and had a pretty successful lunch :)

no surprise that C passed out.


C woke up and we were all ready for round 2!


got a hold of the orange of course - so he had his first try at that!


while we were out at the pool deck we watched the "strongest woman" contest which really was "the sexiest woman" but i have no clue why they couldn't call it that since there is a sexiest man contest every time too (which isaiah has won, twice!). it was hilarious but the 4 man judges voted off the best girl! she was seriously ripped and a hot mom with some good moves. 

after our day flew by out at the pool, we went back in to our room to shower up and get ready for dinner which we had at 6pm every night.
dinner usually lasted about TWO HOURS because we would chat with our table mates for so long. of course we all ordered a zillion things that we probably could have done without too. we definitely had our share of food and made sure to try every single item that we were curious about!

C eats whatever we eat for the most part with baby led weaning so he tried a lot of things on this cruise. the orange wasn't the first and sure wasn't the last! he tried all of the fruit soups, plantains and lobster. every single night the waiters had a fruit cup for him at his high chair waiting for us when we showed up and it was perfect. i absolutely loved watching him explore and figure it all out. 

we did all of our entertainment after dinner so scurried over across the ship on deck 5 and went to the main theater for another show. tonights show was a welcome back show for royal caribbean cruiser's who are a part of the crown and anchor society - people mainly go for the free champagne ;)

warren from CA… he was a FANTASTIC singer. so good!

awake in the beginning, zonked by the end!

after our welcome back show we went back across the ship and down to deck 3 to the ice rink for the quest. otherwise known as the best game in all of the sea. if you cruise with royal - DO NOT MISS THE QUEST!!! 

the ice rink is sectioned off in the audience and separated in to teams. we were given team 4. each team provides a male + a female captain to head down to the main floor to represent your team. the entire quest is pretty much one giant scavenger hunt if you will. the cruise director will give a direction for the team captain, and get back to him when you've accomplished it. the sooner you get to him and he calls off your team, the higher amount of points you get.
"i need to see your female captain with somebody's dentures!" <-- yep! our team won this one! some sweet old grandma behind us tossed hers up through the crowd. ha ha!
"i need to see your man captain wearing a lady's bra!" <-- there went my bra.
"i need to see two men dirty dancing!"
"i need to see someone with a tattoo!"
"i need to see the lady captain holding 3 pairs of pants!"
"show me your team captain wearing an article from the opposite sex!"
you can imagine how dirty this game can get. 

the last big challenge for the quest is that your male team captain dresses as a female & goes down the runway. 
i'll let the pictures do the talking on this one.

the quest started at 10:30pm and i am SO glad that we did not have to miss it! basically our baby rocks. we were reminded of that every single day on this trip.

after the quest we went back to our room for bed. the next day was MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! and our first day at port!!

find out where we went next!


  1. OMG...those pictures are HILARIOUS!!! And seriously...Crue is a rockstar being able to sleep ANYWHERE!! Turner use to...but I'm not sure he would these days.

  2. These pics are great! Ive never been on a cruise and girl you make me want to take one. Also you, your cute little mini me and your husband are just the cutest little family!

  3. Awesome pics! :) I love how much Crue loves the water. :)

  4. Awesome pics! I can't believe this is only day 3 of your vacation! Question.. I've never been on a cruise and I'm wondering.. is it all inclusive? How does that work? I wanna go on a cruise SO bad!!!!

  5. That Quest game sounds hilarious!! I want to go on a cruise just to see that haha

  6. I love reading about this adventure. The Quest sounds awesome! Can't wait to see where you weer on your Birthday :)

  7. C man is just too cute for words!!! Looks like such a fun trip! :)