Wednesday, May 7, 2014

my day of birth - 27 years later.

day 4: our first port of call
{saint maarten}

we woke up on tuesday and i was another year older! happy BIRTHDAYYYYYY to me!
we were in st. maarten!!!

our first time in st.maarten was on our honeymoon cruise and it immediately became a favorite place of ours. isaiah will tell you that its his favorite place in the world (i'll tell you mine on a later post)!

i was so happy to be here and show our son how magical st. maarten is. 
they say your year goes something similar to how you spent your birthday (or whatever the actual saying is) and if thats true, 27 will be pretty damn good.

we went off to have breakfast in the main dining room again because it is the bees knees. the menu is SO GOOD. early on in the cruise we decided we will try to get to there before they close (10am) because we wanted to try every single item. past cruises isaiah and i just ate in the windjammer buffet because thats open until 11. the windjammer is good but it is no main dining room!

after breakfast we went to the room and gathered our things for our first day off the ship and went down to the gangway to exit the ship.

we later lost that book on the water taxi over to the beach. sad times!

aaand once we were checked out - our first view was this enormous yacht. i sure would like to know who owns that and what they do for a living! 

after taking the picture above, we walked over to the water taxi and headed to the beach! we decided to go shopping before we dipped in the ocean since it was my birthday :) i completely forgot my makeup foundation so our first stop was MAC. i love that st.maarten is u.s territory! 

every time that were on a cruise (this was our 3rd together) i talk about getting a tattoo. i would love to have that experience! i remember the story of when i got each of the 9 tattoo's that i have and i thought it would be perfect for number 10. we found a tattoo parlor, chatted with the artist, got a price quote and were set to return at 2pm! we had about 1.5-2 hours to kill until then so headed back towards the beach stopping at a few more shopping centers before deciding to sit down and get lunch.

view from our table at lunch

by the time lunch was over it was almost 2pm and i just really wanted to get in the ocean. something that doesn't really work out well with a new tattoo. we needed to be back onboard by 5pm so i decided to skip the tattoo. i can get a tattoo anywhere or back here at home. its not every day i get the ocean!

^ the mom told the little boy (benjamin) "get out of their picture!". 
then the dad asked to take a picture of the 3 of us - we became BFF with that family.

this boy absolutely LOVED the ocean breeze! 

27 is going to be a good year.

st.maarten has pristine beaches. the water is so incredibly blue and beautiful. reason #1 for being isaiahs favorite port to date. 

we went jet skiing when we were here on our honeymoon. it is AMAZING to be in those open waters!

i was most excited about being at st.maarten/our first port because i could not wait to get C in to that ocean. if you've been reading along its no secret that i am in love with the water. obsessed with the ocean. i was so anxious to see how my baby would react! 

that moment was EVERYTHING to me.

forgive my stretchies and post partum bod. but look at that baby! i made that!

lets go swimming little fishie!!

we have 100+ pictures of C being the happiest baby in the sea. he absolutely loved that floaty and the waves! it was giggle after giggle.

aaaand zone town. because you know the fresh air is just magical like that!

after a while we thought we head back to the ship so we could get ready for dinner so we walked towards the water taxi to get on board independence of the seas.

we had tickets to the ice show at 6pm which interfered with dinner so we decided to skip it. we've seen the ice shows on our previous cruises and heard that this one was really good, we just made the decision to head to dinner instead. the waiters sang happy birthday to me and brought out a huge slice of chocolate cake. i can only take a bite or two of chocolate before i want to throw up so isaiah enjoyed the rest of it for me and i tried a different dessert. 

after dinner we hung out a bit on the royal promenade. the royal promenade is on deck 5 and its pretty much the only deck that goes across the whole ship without being split. at least, its the easiest deck to get from one end to the other. there are shops and pubs along the promenade along with an entrance to the casino down on deck 4, guest services, the shore excursion deck and the office to book future cruises. some ships have a starbucks here too as well as a ben & jerrys and/or cupcake shop. this time we had a michael kors store so we stopped in there and isaiah bought me a purse for my birthday! our honeymoon ship had a coach store and our ship before that had a guess store. theres also two places to eat, sorrentos and cafe promenade. they serve pizza, croissants and fresh bakery items. the best thing is that cafe promenade is open 24 hours! since our dinner was at 6pm this time around, we usually stopped there for a croissant later on in the evening.

after hanging out in the promenade we wandered up to the pool on deck 11 for a party in the solarium and did some dancing with C before he fell asleep.

when we got back to our room we had our first towel friend of the trip join us! C got a pretty good kick out of mr.monkey.

then it was off to bed to get a good start at another new port!


  1. So.Much.Fun packed into one day. Love the pics of C in the ocean!

  2. So glad you had a really GOOD birthday!!! The pics of him in the ocean are priceless!!!

  3. St Maarten is my favorite port for relaxing. The beaches are ah-mazing! I love the pics of Crue in the ocean. He looks like such a happy little guy!

  4. Looks like an awesome birthday! I would love to go there some day. Crue is too cute in the water!

  5. I cannot wait to get Noelle's toes in the water but even though we are lucky enough to live super close to the beach, the water will be ice cold. Gotta get to St. Maarten! The pic of Crue sleeping on his belly with his feet crossed? I can't even. And I am mind blown that those shops are on a ship! I need to go on a cruise!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love all of your bathing suits! Super cute!

  7. St. Maarten is just so relaxing. I seriously love your outfits!!!