Tuesday, May 6, 2014


my heart weighs heavy and my head hangs low today as the instagram and blogging community come together to join in love for mama jacqui and her husband. they lost their sweet boy last friday in a truly tragic & unexpected accident when ryan was playing frisbee with his family outside the home and followed a frisbee in to the street. he was here one second, and gone the next.

carlos whittaker said it best earlier this afternoon.

"I hate death. We turn our backs to it in hopes that we won't have to see it's face. 
But we will. And when we do, we can either stand together in HOPE or cower in fear. 
And those first few days when we can't stand, may our community stand for us. 
Death tragically took little Ryan on Friday evening and wasn't even knocking Friday morning. 
So while @babyboybakery and her husband Dan are limping through today... May we carry them with our arms? I don't know this family. But I pray that the freedom they felt at Disneyland as they watched Ryan run in that top left picture on Friday, will be ushered back to them by our prayers and our God. Never in the same way...but freedom none the less. Will you pray with me in the comments? Better yet, leave a#RedBalloonsForRyan so that they know we are with them. 

Go BE WITH today."

please say a prayer for this family and ask that God gives them peace and comfort during this hard time. and if thats not your thing, please keep this family in your thoughts.

illustration by merrilee from the mer mag blog.

you can go here for donations or follow 'alissamcircle' on IG.

all sunshine shirts pre-ordered from geofox apparel will go to help the family with whatever it is they may need. <3

hold your loved ones tight today and every day.


  1. Oh gosh, this is just heartbreaking. There is no loss greater than this, and my heart hurts for this family. Prayers!

  2. Terribly heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers are with this sweet family!