Tuesday, May 20, 2014

seven & eight month favorites.

it so fun to watch C's personality and see what he loves based on his development. watching him push the walker around is one of my favorite things. go buddy go!

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sophie is a returning favorite as of late. he kind of ditched her during month 6 & 7 but now as his top teeth are coming, i always hear him gnawing on her in the car!

we bought this push walker when my mom was here/crue was 8 months. he took to it right away! now he has figured out how to steer and turn it around too. he loves charging the dogs.

the car walker was a gift from my mom. i think he got it at the end of 6 months/start of 7 months. in the beginning, he couldn't figure out how to use it. then we went to walking backwards in it. now he's got it on lock. this walker stays in our kitchen, he's usually in it while we're cooking!

noodle & boo shampoo smells so good! i love this 1000x more than the foam babyganics we were using. mainly because the babyganics foam smelled like grass. stale grass.

mustela is our jam. C gets his baths at night as a part of his bedtime routine so we use this as an emergency cleanse. if he happens to have a blowout (pee or poo) in the morning, i squirt this on some face pads and wipe him down. it smells so good and feels so refreshing. the no rinse is more on the expensive side but i promise you, worth every penny.

my dad got C three of these hockey sticks a while back and he has taken a real liking to them. they are always the first toy out of his box. we find them all over our living room through out the day. he thinks its hilarious to whack the dogs ball and watch lambeau chase it.

our dog lambeau is definitely another favorite!


  1. We use Mustela foaming shampooo on Ford's locks, it is awesome!

  2. Great list! I love that car walker - so funny!

  3. My mind is blown that C is using a push toy. Ummmm, when did he stop being a BABY?!!

  4. Awe, baby toys and items are so fun! I used to have a walker type toy in the kitchen, too, so I could cook!

  5. That Mustella sounds awesome. I was using the Burts Bees wipes for the same reason and I wasnt a fan of the smell. I must try it out!

  6. These 7 and 8-month stuff are super amazing and yet innovative too. I love walker one it is something great for the toddlers. Such a great post I must say.