Tuesday, May 27, 2014


last weekend we had family pictures taken so we decided it was time to trim up crue's hair a bit. i have been sitting on the fence for quite some time to get it done but mainly because i was selfish and didn't want to admit that my baby was growing up. i never thought he would need a hair cut before turning 1! i must have completely disregarded how much hair i had as a baby. we drove to uptown and popped in to juut with eliza to lighten up the load on his head a bit.

we made it through without crying.
totally did not expect that! and when i say that, i mean me. not him.

C did a great job. he sat all by himself on a booster and was pretty still for majority of the cut until she got behind his ears! he became super curious and kept trying to turn his head and look at her. it was definitely a successful first cut and i am so proud of him!

it wasn't until the next day that i kept staring at my baby, thinking his new hair cut easily ages him 3 months and shed a tear or two.

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  1. How stinkin' sweet!!!! Isn't it so bittersweet? I didn't get Dom's haircut until after he was 1. I just couldn't...:S

  2. Aww, so cute! I am dreading cutting Oliver's hair, definitely not ready yet!!

  3. What a sweet boy! Ford is about to have his 3rd haircut... this mane is growing so fast. Bring on the snacks!

  4. So cute! That's totally where I get my hair cut too :)

  5. Awe, how adorable is he in that booster seat! Loving the pics, it brings me back to my babies' first hair cuts;)

  6. What a big boy! He did such an awesome job, and he DOES look so much older. *tear*