Thursday, May 15, 2014

the island of st.kitts

day 5: st kitts

when a little boy was in the background of our pictures in st.maarten, his mom noticed and told him to get out of our family picture. that boy was benjamin and him being in our pictures led us to becoming friends with his family.
benjamin just turned 9 and absolutely loved to spend his time on the beach chair reading in the shade. he was so smart and so kind. his younger brother cam just turned 6 and was definitely the athlete of the family. he absolutely had a joy playing with crue and kept saying that his name started with a "C" too! i chatted with the mom while isaiah played football with cam and the dad and we turned our first day of hanging out in st.maarten in to another day of hanging out in st. kitts.

my daily elevator picture

we woke up and did room service so we could ease our way in to get ready before our plans to meet the Locke's down in the gangway at 10am. i was blown away when we made it down there and they weren't anywhere to be found… i was thinking, are we late? did they leave us? were right on time… maybe they are late? they have kids so maybe they are late, despite the parents already letting us know that the boys will be up before 7am no matter what. we waited a few minutes and sure enough there they came running down the stairs!

RCCL independence (our ship) on the left - Celebrity Silhouette on the right

we got off the boat in st.kitts and rounded up a taxi man who took about 20 of us to cockleshell beach, about 20 minutes from where our ship was docked. holy hell the roads in st.kitts are SO CURVY. up high over the mountains around the mountains. beautiful although scary. we met another couple, sarah and rick - sarah was so afraid and nervous! she was a trooper but on the way back to the ship i thought she was going to have a panic attack. the driver stopped on top of the mountain for people to take pictures with a monkey and the man's donkey, i'm pretty sure its some plan for them to help each other get money but the monkey bit a lady who got off! she didn't even want to see the monkey.. she took her last step off the shuttle bus taxi thingamajig and the monkey hopped right from the donkey to her. BITE. how GROSS. and not okay!!! there are monkeys all over st.kitts. but the view was gorgeous. luckily for us, we did get pictures but unlucky for all of you (or maybe it is lucky too) - i can't find them?

my sweet baby fell asleep on the ride over to the beach so when we got there we just let him sleep as we unpacked and got settled in with some lounge chairs and an umbrella next to our new friends.

cockleshell beach was pretty. there was a restaurant/hut on the beach so thats where we had lunch but we had to wait FOREVER and the service wasn't very awesome. thankfully the beach never got too crowded either so we had plenty of space for crue, drink a few beers and play football with the Locke's.

our group had all decided to meet back up at 3 so we could head back to the ship. we were to be on board by 5 and sail away at 530. plus our dinners every night were at 6 so we always left time before for us to shower and let C nap again if he wanted to. we were at the beach from about 11-3 and it was nice. the time flew by. i wish time had that same affect here at home.

the 6 of us were wading in the water, me with C - WHEN A FREAKING STINGRAY CAME AROUND. i know that you can swim with these guys in grand cayman as an excursion, that i would maybe do. but this little guy just came right up like it was no big deal. hey guys! thankfully we saw him!

this man was on a jet pack connected to the jet ski/sea too. i don't know how it works, i have never seen one before. but it was definitely entertaining and fun to watch. he would get some major air and go high in to the water. the kids thought it was neat. well hell, so did the adults.

after the crazy curvy ride back to the port our driver dropped us off at the end of the shopping town so we could had to walk through it on the way back to the ship. 

i always give isaiah crap when he palms me in pictures as if i were a basketball
& yep. crue passed out on the ride back again.

unfortunately there was a boating accident as the other ship and ours were leaving. we were stopped and delayed for 4 hours as our ship dropped some rescue boats and searched for 2 men. it was a horrible thing to see and watch. we could see everything from our dinner table and things were just very very quiet that night. our captain later announced that the 2 men had been found but deceased. we prayed hard for their families (and the captains) but found joy in knowing that they were at least found. we have a few pictures but im going to refrain from sharing on the blog. the power of the motors from the cruise ships tipped the small boat over that was not out of the way and the current pulled them two under immediately. it was a horrible tragic accident and i hope we never witness another thing like that! the poor captains and all of the crew involved. 

after dinner we went a show, back to our room for some comfy warmer clothes and made our way up to the pool deck for the movie grown ups 2 before heading to bed for ANOTHER port day!

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  1. Okay I just cant get over how HAPPY Isaiah is always! You can tell he loves being a daddy, he is glowing!! It may be cheesy but I had to comment!

  2. I love how you've met so many new friends on your trip. So many fun memories!

  3. Awe, these are fun pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time (String ray not included), and got to enjoy some warm weather! P.S. Loving your bathing suit!

  4. i absolutely love your blog! i was up late at night reading tons of posts!

  5. How freaking cool that sting ray just decided to chill with you! (The excursion in GC is so awesome - if you cruise there you MUST do that!)
    Can C teach M how to just fall asleep at the beach? Someone in our house refuses to nap if he's beaching it up.
    Dying over the basketball palming - BAHA!!

  6. So sad about the accident. :( We experienced super slow service in St. Kitts as well... maybe it is like that all over the island!? Love your pink suit, and of course that cute anchor onesie.

  7. benjamin just turned 9 and absolutely loved to spend his time on the beach chair reading in the shade. he was so smart and so kind. his ...