Monday, May 12, 2014

this ones for the moms. {a giveaway}

you wake up in the morning and realize you hit the snooze button because you were up 3 times last night with your little one.
needless to say, you are already running behind and those digits on the clock are ticking faster than you'd like to admit.
you hear your babe from their room as they're anxiously waiting for you so you begin to rush.
not only do you have somewhere to be, but you have two people to get ready before heading out the door.
you throw on an outfit for yourself, brush your hair and maybe grab some lip gloss if you're lucky before going to get your kid ready.
on your way out you grab your diaper bag and catch a glance of yourself in the mirror just wanting to feel cute again.
what happened to the stylish you that you used to be?!

being a mom is a busy task.
can i get an AMEN?

BUT. being a mom doesn't mean you can't be stylish!

there are so many baby things out there these days that are super cute. and i am THRILLED to say that huggies has followed suit with their wipes!

have you seen these new Huggies Clutch n Clean wipes?!

no one has to know you are going to change a stinky dirty diaper when you sneak off to the restroom with a clutch in hand!

and crue thinks they are teething approved. lucky for me the outer surface is really soft, wipes off easily and is durable enough to know that he won't be actually eating the wipes inside.

did i mentioned that they are rechargable and refillable?! THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. because i for one am so sick of going to the travel section at target to find out that all of their wipes come in huge heaping packages of 62. no mom wants to lug around a 3 pound pack of wipes in their diaper bag! am i rite?!

the huggies clutch and clean wipes come in 3 cute designs. we got the stripes and i actually let isaiah pick them out when we were at target so i know he will have no problem carrying these to the bathroom when he takes over diaper duty (which, lucky me - is every time that he's home or were out)!

today i am giving away one of these mom must haves + my favorite chapstick to keep you stylin' on those busy days! i will definitely be using these for days to come!


this post is sponsored by Huggies but all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. lets be honest. i want one and have no dirty diapers to change.

  2. Seriously, this is the CUTEST idea! I need one;)

  3. You can get one for free at babies r us this month with any purchase!!

  4. I love this, I need to find these!

  5. I love these! So much nicer than carrying just the wipes in hand...wristlets are where it's at!