Thursday, May 1, 2014

vitamin sea!

day 2: our first sea day

this was the vacation that we stopped waking C up at 4am. or also known as the vacation where he never woke up at 4am. meaning we all slept in :)
it was probably about 930am when we woke up and got ourselves ready only to find that C was still sleeping so we took it upon ourselves around 10am to wake him up and go get some breakfast!

sailboat leggings & a matching mama turban FTW!

on our way to breakfast we ran in to terri & tim from cruise critic who had told us that our meet & mingle was going to be held at 10:30 in the pyramid lounge! you are supposed to get something in your stateroom that tells you when/where the meet & mingle is but for some reason that never happened this time around because none of us got anything. good thing we still got wind of the news! we rushed through break fast because we didn't want to miss the meet & mingle. mainly for the cabin crawl that we had signed up for afterwards ;)

crue completely took charge of the meet & mingle. he was set on being up front with the staff!

we got to the pyramid lounge at 1030 and the cruise director staff had some fun for us. we won a bottle of wine and a back pack! in the middle of that i sent isaiah out to the michael kors store for a raffle but we didn't get lucky there. he got back to the pyramid lounge just in time for our cabin crawl to start. we got to see the ben & jerry's suite, the junior suite, the grand suite and the owners suite! and they did NOT disappoint! it was fun to parade around with 30 others to check out some of the big rooms that we will proooobably never stay in. ha ha. the balconies were huge with the most amazing lounge chairs. they had their own dining areas and the BIGGEST BATHROOMS EVER. gorgeous marble. huge bath tubs. its no wonder people who stay in suites never go to the pool deck and use their special roped off area. 

sea for dayssss

on someones ENORMOUS balcony from their suite

tv flips around and goes down into the cabinets

after our cabin crawl it was DEFINITELY time to take C to the pool! i was so excited to try this out. i am obsessed with swimming. being in the water is without a doubt my favorite thing and i have always hoped that my babies would enjoy being in the water too. crue's first time in a pool was a huge success!
the pools are fresh salt water instead of chlorine so any time C took a dive and got some in his mouth, he made the funniest sour faces.

our ship had the h20 zone with two pools for babies and it was heaven. C was able to play in there safely and we were able to lounge in there with him. i got some serious sunburn without even knowing!

we were in the pool for a good hour-hour & a half until i decided we should get out and just lay in our pool chairs. it wasn't but 5 minutes in until we had this …


and then more pool time! we met trevor and his wife lacey dawn. they were traveling from canada with their baby girl aveah. she's 4 months older than C and he loved having a play mate! of course, my heart melted in to a puddle of mush.

every day C was mesmerized by this alligator toy. i have yet to buy it for him so we can have it at home but its on my list! i wonder if he will remember it?!

we were out at the pool from 12-4 or so then went back inside to our cabin to get ready for our first formal night of the vacation! C fell asleep which was perfect timing so isaiah and i could get ourselves ready before him. before we left my mom sent us a sailor outfit that we thought was SO cute and SO funny at the same time. it was a great thing we were taking this trip so he could get a chance to wear it!

people were OB.SESSED with this outfit. we would be walking to dinner or to the show after dinner and we had people get UP from their seat at the bar, walk out to us in the promenade and stop us to take a picture of our kid. i have never heard "can i take a picture of your baby!!?" so many times in my life. it was kind of odd. one of them isaiah was holding C and smiled, then they showed isaiah the picture and he was completely cropped out of it! ha ha.
the rest of the trip people referred to crue as "the captain". waiters at breakfast would stop us and ask where his hat was, off the ship on the islands people would pass us and say "oh heyyy captain!!!". even when we were off the ship at the end of our vacation, we were waiting in line for the shuttle to come take us to our hotel and a man had asked us if he will wear the sailor outfit again for halloween. 
it was a big hit! we think we are going to order it again in a bigger size so he can wear it on our next cruise :) i wish we would have gotten better pictures!


after dinner we went to the pyramid lounge for a battle of the sexes game show & some live music. then we were off to bed for day 3!

i love that we have a baby who will fall asleep anywhere at any time. even with the live music this kid decided he had enough and sleep was more important! 

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  1. He's so adorable! Especially in his sailor outfit! I wish Jacob could sleep anywhere. If there's any excitement going on, he needs to know about it!

  2. Awww, that sailor outfit. I can imagine that brought on a lot of attention. SO CUTE!

  3. I seriously can't get enough of this!!! Simply adorable!!! Sounds like the perfect vacation so far...can't wait to see and read more!!!

  4. Stop it!! I can't even take how cute that Crue is in that outfit!!!! I die!!!

  5. That outfit!!!!!! What a stud! I think he and Ford would have a blast swimming together, I love zero depth pools! And you are so lucky C sleeps anywhere.... Ford has to be in a crib to even nap... aye yi yi

  6. I am living vicariously through you on this trip! Crue is so adorable in that outfit and that family photo is amazing!!! I'm also so jealous about Crue's sleep! Noelle has FOMO and won't sleep ever! haha

  7. I love that outfit and that it made you guys cruise famous haha. Way too cute

  8. You make me want to book a cruise SO BAD! Also, babies playing together? Cutest thing ever!

  9. The pool pictures! You have a little water bug. YAY!!!!! C with his little girlfriend? OMG - stop the cuteness.
    And, THAT sailor outfit! I just died.

  10. Well, if that sailor outfit isn't the cutest thing EVER I'm not sure what is. :)