Monday, June 30, 2014


This website has had so much love poured in to it over the last month(s) and i am so excited that the day is here to share it with all of YOU!
Samantha and Ruthie have really outdone themselves and i feel SO honored to be a writer for this amazing community.

MOMquery is the community for momma's to be, first time mama's and veteran mama's. We are all things MOM! There will be many posts on all things related so you are sure to feel right at home. The list includes but is not limited to: sex, pregnancy, infertility, what to pack when you travel and SO MUCH MORE.

Head on over and check out MOMquery!
This week we will be introducing the writers and jumping in with BIRTH STORIES! I am pretty sure that is always a fan favorite :)

I am so excited to be a part of this launch day and i know you will fall in love too! because we know that it takes a village to raise our little beebs :)

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

college kids need that money!

I absolutely loved college. I definitely had waaaay too much fun during my years as a college student. That is something i have no regrets about.

But thinking about those college bills? All that money spent on tuition, room & board, meals AND textbooks to boot?! I don't exactly miss all that {or any of it}!

If you are a college student, it pays to save! I remember spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester it literally made me cringe. What was worse was selling them back! You could easily spend $500 on your books and get $22 back at the end, i kid you not. Not awesome.

Why buy your textbooks when you can RENT them?! GENIUS!

Campus Book Rentals is an online company that offers you a large variety of perks when renting your textbooks!
- save 40-90% off of your average bookstore prices
- free shipping - BOTH WAYS!
- highlighting IS allowed
- flexible renting periods
- 30 day risk free returns
and my favorite...
- with every book rented, money is donated to Operation Smile!

{Operation Smile is a children's medical charity that provides reconstructive surgeries on children who have cleft lip}
*Isaiah and i hope to someday adopt, and this is so heavy on our hearts. We've also learned that adopting a child with special needs, disabilities and abnormalities such as cleft lip can help speed up the adoption process. Every child is so sweet and someday we may be dealing with this ourselves!*

Not only are you SAVING $$$ with Campus Book Rentals, you can enroll into their new program called Rent Back and MAKE $$$! Rent Back allows you to rent out books that you already own allowing you to make 2-4x more money than would with your average bookstore on campus... because no one is excited about getting $22 back after spending $500!

1. save money
2. make money
3. help children with cleft lip

Those sound like 3 really good seal-the-deal reasons to me and i only wish this around back when i was in college!
Keep them in mind as you are registering for your new semesters coming up this school year!

Friday, June 27, 2014

rain delay.

we have had SO much rain here in MN, its pretty ridiculous.
we finally decided that crue needed a raincoat so we could play on our patio & partake in all of the rainy days!

& its no surprise that this entire weekend forecast shows, yep, you guessed it.
more rain.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the sippy cup debate & baby smoothies

in our attempt to get Crue drinking from a sippy cup, i've branched out to making smoothies in hopes that it would help him become interested or suck harder rather than biting it all day long.
we're still working on finding a sippy cup that works (i swear we've purchased about 11 different kinds) but we did find that he loves himself some smoothies!

1 cup coconut milk or almond milk (or even cows milk if your baby drinks that)
1 cup spinach or kale (ive began to just use a handful)
fruit (this time we went with a pear, apple and banana)
1tsp flax seeds (optional)
ice (optional)
coconut oil (optional) - (i use this when it happens to be downstairs in our kitchen vs upstairs in his room because we also use it on his booty after the lovely swim diaper rash arrives and for scratches)

fruits we've tried: blueberries, pears, mango, apple, banana, pineapple, strawberries, canteloupe
we've avoided: oranges for the citrus (don't plan on giving him that type of stuff until he's 1) and raspberries because of the seeds

i put in the milk first, then the spinach, followed by the fruit, flax seeds, coconut oil and ice last.
this smoothie i left out the coconut oil, flax seeds and ice because it just got full pretty fast with the fruit. it was more of a thin water-like consistency rather than the average thicker smoothie. but we have definitely used ice in the past too!

blend, of course!
(ps. i am OBSESSED with our ninja. it has made smoothie making for crue and my shakeology life so much easier and enjoyable!)

put in a sippy cup and you're ready to go!

i am pretty sure he's biting it again, this boy!

if you have a magic sippy cup, i'd love to hear about it!

Monday, June 23, 2014

crue: TEN M0NTHS!

doctor appointment: none until he's a year old! yeeesh.

fathers day 2014

height: 29.5 inches {measured at home}
weight: our bathroom scale says 19.6
head: 18 inches/46 centimeters {measured at home}

nicknames: cruemanji, crue town, crue shoe, C

- co-sleep w/ isaiah & i
- 12 hours a night, straight thru.
- averaging 2 naps a day, usually the 1st one is on me and the 2nd is on the couch
- we are SO doomed with the crib. as in we seriously need to hire someone to make this transition possible for us! yikes.

- 3 meals a day of solids BLW
- 2 "snacks" a day
- working on weaning bottles, but still have about 4-5 a day.

- wednesday 6/11 was a pretty rough night. i think it could have been his teeth, though I'm not sure which ones! the first 4 popped up with no problem. we never knew they were there or coming until they were through!
- hungry boy. i think we hit a growth spurt somewhere.
- the happiest of boys!

- to be chased by daddy! oh does you ever! daddy says 'im gunna get you!!!' throws you in to the loudest belly laugh i have ever heard. you try to walk away and you get movin' so fast that you topple over. and repeat :)
- sleeping in. you're starting to like your bla bla doll. yay!!
- eating dinner time with mama and daddy. you take pauses and make silly faces or noises while looking at us at the corner of your eye.. when we laugh, you laugh! then you go back to eating. until you think you want to be funny again.
- playing hockey. the sticks he got from grandpa, he uses all day long. i am SUPER impressed that he knows how to handle the sticks and hit his toys! smacking the bottle and the foam bath letters are a big hit.
- the water

- diaper changes
- the word "no" when he tries to unplug our phones from charging at night
- broccoli for the 17th time. he pulls it right out of his mouth and throws it as far as he can.

- size 3 honest diapers
- size 2 shoes
- 3-6, 6-9 and some 6-12 month clothing. though the 6-12 is a bit baggy yet, i don't care. most of our summer outfits are in that size range and summer doesn't last long here in MN so were wearing it darn it!

^that outfit is both 3-6 months from ON, how odd!^

milestones/whats happening:
- i am sure you've seen, but WE HAVE A WALKER!!! he hit 10 months on monday 6/2, and that weekend before, he decided to take off! just 3 days before turning 10 months old he took more steps than ever before. kept practicing with daddy on friday night after we got home from dinner with some friends from canada, which turned in to practicing a little bit on saturday when we weren't with friends at MOA. and then sunday? BAMN. across our entire house. won't stop can't stop now!
- tooth 4 came in! its also on the bottom, outside left. so 4 bottoms but 0 up top yet? i feel like i have been able to see those things for months now!
- fights us on getting IN to the car seat. he locks his knees and just refuses to sit! he wants to stand up and climb all over the car. i am pretty sure that came from car shopping for a million saturdays in a row and crawling over those to check em' out.
- C met hannah! as i mentioned before, i met 23 other moms when we all fell pregnant in november '12. katrina is from canada and we were due the same day :) her husband wilson was going to run in the MPLS marathon so they came in to town! sadly the marathon got cancelled, but we sure had fun with them.
- is seriously such a busy busy boy. can reach anything on the bathroom countertops. loves flipping up the toilet seat. tries dropping toys in the toilet. loves to pull on toilet paper. loves to rip kitchen towels off the cupboard handles.
- first fathers day (6/15)
- celebrated daddys birthday & went golfing (6/18)
- understands things like:
 "come to mama", "walk to mama" "go see dad" "walk to dad" "wheres your mama/dad/puppy/bottle/paci" "go get your momma/dad/puppy/bottle/paci" "walk to moms room" "lets go to crue's room" "find your bottle""lets brush your teeth" "wheres your toothbrush"
- waves hello and goodbye (though only on HIS terms)
- says "da da"
- started saying "ma ma" on da da's birthday!!!
- goes from sitting to standing all on his own. no more assistance from the couch, dogs, chairs, our legs or anything else! (also happened on isaiah's birthday!)
- cruises up the stairs and is slowly learning to crawl back down them

- started T25 beta round! finally seeing some poundage being shed!
- pretty emotional about birthday planning and my baby being so close to O N E!
- tattoo number 9!
- has the baby fevah

- getting ready for annual with work - which will be a trip to milwaukee (we get to go along too)!
- watches you(c) every time you(c) walk, like its the first time. he is just in amazement!
- has the baby fevah 


size newborn pants that he wore home from the hospital @ 3 days old

Saturday, June 21, 2014

5 tips to being a better mom

there are not enough hours in the day. if there's one thing that my friends know about me, its that i am obsessed with my baby. with that, comes spending TIME with my baby!

i am a stay at home mom. I do the laundry, i feed crue and myself both breakfast and lunch, i chase him up the stairs 100x a day, we run errands, i try to blog, he tries to nap, i get in a work out, do the dishes, change 15 diapers… and the list just really is never ending.

i just feel better, when i have more time to play with crue, to teach him and to be present in every moment.

1. Shopping Online- i think every lady gets in to the groove of online shopping when they became a mom! if you already haven't :) there are SO many great resources and websites out there to help us out and make our lives easier, that you will totally want to make sure you are using them. i have NEVER been stressed out at target, running around with a cranky baby and trying to juggle everything with full arms because i'm carrying a box of diapers around. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. because my oh my how many diapers do we have to buy as moms?! too many.
{ps! if you haven't heard of - now is the time to listen up! they are an amazing website to have on your radar for baby essentials! and right now you can get $12 off of huggies diapers by using the code 'WOWHUGGIES' :) - you're welcome!}

 2. Meal Planning-  i can't stress how important it is for our family to get meal planning in! not only does this help us eat healthier, but it helps with our time and our schedule. we use to do this every sunday, until target became a mad house complete with chaos. now i try to get it done on thursday and friday so we can hit up target friday evening's when its far less busy! we've even saved time by shopping online again and getting our groceries from coborns. LOVE that.

3. Working out at Home- one week into T25, i am hooked on beachbody. i have hated working out and exercising for more years than i can remember so going to the gym was just NOT on my to do list. i couldn't imagine isaiah getting home in the evenings and me rushing out to the door to get some time in at the gym because that meant time away from him and crue together, for the 3 of us to have as a family. but working out, staying fit and being healthy doesn't have to be done away from home or away from my family! i love that i get my work outs in during the morning or afternoon before isaiah even gets home. on the weekends were able to stay active together too and it means so much to me!

4. Tag Team Chores- isaiah cooks, i do the dishes. i do the laundry, he carries it upstairs and we put it away together. wednesday nights i bring our upstairs garbages downstairs and he takes it all out to the garage. thankfully we live in a town home so we don't have any extra chores to do outside of our house really (except right now we do have a garage door that needs to be fixed, boo)! but it is all just a matter of team work and lending a helping hand :) the fact that both of us do a little bit here or there, spending something as little as 5-10 extra minutes a nights leaves room for us to spend our weekends together and do spontaneous things without having to worry about chores in the home that need to be done!

5. Limit other Media- to make sure that we are more invested in our time as a couple and as parents, its important that we both try to stay off of or limit our time on social media, whether its not being on our phones when were out, sitting at the dinner table or putting them away completely after a certain time period. does that mean I'm not blogging as often? sure. but it also means im making memories with my family and thats truly priceless. living in these moments is what its really all about!

i know that crue is too young to remember our days together right now, but i never want him to have to wish that he has (or had) enough time or attention from me. these 5 tips help me save time and soak up plenty of baby snuggles :)

special thank you to Huggies for sponsoring this post!

Friday, June 20, 2014

on being clueless.

people are clueless.

i am just mind boggled sometimes at the things that come out of peoples mouths.

my husband and i were golfing with some of our friends/his co-workers. two ladies were pregnant, one is soon to be married with the love of all things baby, and another couple were along with their 7 week old (squish!).

somewhere during the day, the topic of mistaken babies came up. to which most of them admitted being a part of, either as children of their own or thats how their kid came about. and you know what happened next right? they immediately think crue was the same.

now. do NOT get me wrong. i do not judge if you planned to have a baby or not. i am pretty sure most babies in this world are a surprise. but a mistake? meh.

obviously. crue was not a mistake.

of all things baby, some comments weaved in and out about how awful it is to be pregnant. how awful it is to have a newborn. how they can't wait for them to grow up and be like the 3 year old over there.

i was (and still am) just

shortly after that topic, the chatter drifted to the topic of second babies.

someone said "isaiah is thinking, NOPE. lets wait for a little while before that happens. or a long while actually. not ready for that!"

i mean. REALLY?

when we got home, my husband brought that conversation up. and he mentioned how clueless people were. he was raving on about how we have struggled, and how yes, we are BOTH yearning for another. we may spend thousands of dollars, many weeks, months and years TRYING to get pregnant.

& fact is,
we may never be able to have another baby again.


if you can believe it, my husbands baby fever scores higher on the cards than my own.
i love him for that.

when he saw the 7 week old, he mentioned he missed that stage. he missed holding such a tiny baby. when he started CRYING? isaiah said he missed hearing that too.

i am lucky. he is lucky.
we are blessed to have each other and so very blessed to have crue.

but yes. we want more babies.
and yes, we would LOVE to be pregnant again.
yesterday, today, tomorrow - we'll take it.

please don't assume that pregnancy is awful. please don't assume every newborn is the worst change you'll have to go through. please don't assume that every pregnancy was an "oops" or that we don't want another baby.

because i couldn't possibly tell you how far you off from the truth.

being pregnant was the BEST thing i've ever felt.
becoming parents was the BEST thing we've ever done.

what may be your situation
is not everyone else's situation

Thursday, June 19, 2014

i did WHAT?!

i spoke about my struggle with weight gain and weight loss here.

i just finished 5 weeks of a new program, and i am down 3lbs and 9 inches!!

i have tried isagenix. i have tried herbalife.
both of those to no success. not a single pound (or inch) lost.

then i tried shakeology.
which is the greatest shake i have ever had.
so much that i can't imagine going a day without.

PCOS really hinders my weight loss. so when i found out that this was working?
i was in.
i was am LOVING it.

i also just finished up the alpha round of T25 and didn't dread pushing play on the dvd! its the first at-home work out program that i have ever been able to enjoy AND finish. i pushed through and i can say that it was well worth it.

i loved it so much, that i signed up to be a coach.
i know. i know.
i do not have a beach body.
i would LOVE to lose 30 more pounds.
but i have finally found something that is able to help me do that!
i was surrounded by some incredible women who were also doing T25 and we all pushed each other. motivated each other. shared post work out sweaty pics, healthy recipes and fitness goals.

if i loved this so much, and it actually helped me to battle PCOS?
i want to tell the world about it.
i want to help you feel better too!

in my book, shaun T beats jillian michaels any day.

now i am on to the beta round of T25! so heres to the next 5 weeks and seeing more results.
i never thought i would become obsessed with getting in a work out!

if i can help you, IN ANY WAY, don't be afraid to ask!

Monday, June 16, 2014

my favorite place in the whole world.

day 7: labadee

to me, labadee is the bees knees of cruise ports.
of course the only way i can get there is on a royal caribbean cruise ship.

labadee is an island of haiti that royal owns, and it has easily become my favorite port of call.
my first time there was in 2007, things were so different back then! there was only one beach with a tiny splash pad. it was the first time in my life that i got a sun burn. but despite that, i could not WAIT for isaiah to see the place i loved so much.
now they've added so many things to the island! royal caribbean put in a roller coaster that goes through out the mountains, a zip line from the top of the peak over the ocean, jet ski's and a huge water zone for the kiddos. theres no restaurants on the island so the staff on the ship come off and make a huge bbq right on the island. its fabulous. i noticed some tiny huts that were filled with little antiques and hand made trinkets from the haitians but not a single person would come over to bother us to buy something. even though their country is SO poor. they are just SO friendly.
if you ever go here - bring some school supplies! the people on the ship will get them to the people on the island! melts my heart.

we woke up early so we could watch the ship sail in and dock. when i was there in 2007, we had to tender! it was nice to skip that part :) the views from our breakfast table were stunning.

those lips!

no filter! THAT WATER. i die.

when we got off the ship, we saw that there was a boat waiting at the dock so we hopped on that and went over to columbus cove where we met up with our friends that we met in st.maarten and hung out with in st.kitts, the Loche family! right away when a staff member saw us, he said "oh! you have a baby. you need the shade" and found us two chairs right under a palm tree just up from the ocean. it was so nice of him :) he came back later asking if we wanted a canopy tent for more shade but we opted out because we spent time back and forth between our chairs, being in the water with the Loche's and hanging out by their chairs. 

if you ever go to labadee, make sure you get a labadoozie! when we were heading back to the ship, we saw some people with about 8 of these cups hanging from her back pack! its the islands famous drink. and it is so deeeeelicious. mango, orange, pineapple, coconut cream, grenadine and rum? YUM.

and this? a view i wouldn't trade for the world.

i think he loves the island life just as much as mama does.

labadee is a complete relaxation station.

C fell asleep on me for 2 hours as we just sat there with the ocean waves washing up beneath us. when he woke up, we sat him down on the sand (for some reason, we didn't really do this at any of the other ports?!) and he crawled right in! a wave splashed in his face & he just kept on going. it was easily my favorite part of the entire vacation. I'm so glad we caught it on video. 

i heart thee.

that look on isaiahs face is because C took 3 steps! just a day after turning 8 months old. in the sand!

before heading back to the ship, we decided to walk around the island and check out some of the other beaches and areas.

back on board, it was the 2nd to the last night :( the captain introduced the high chefs along with some of the other management from different departments as everyone clapped and our waiters sang & danced to throw a little goodbye party to all.

and then it was disco night on the royal promenade!

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