Saturday, June 21, 2014

5 tips to being a better mom

there are not enough hours in the day. if there's one thing that my friends know about me, its that i am obsessed with my baby. with that, comes spending TIME with my baby!

i am a stay at home mom. I do the laundry, i feed crue and myself both breakfast and lunch, i chase him up the stairs 100x a day, we run errands, i try to blog, he tries to nap, i get in a work out, do the dishes, change 15 diapers… and the list just really is never ending.

i just feel better, when i have more time to play with crue, to teach him and to be present in every moment.

1. Shopping Online- i think every lady gets in to the groove of online shopping when they became a mom! if you already haven't :) there are SO many great resources and websites out there to help us out and make our lives easier, that you will totally want to make sure you are using them. i have NEVER been stressed out at target, running around with a cranky baby and trying to juggle everything with full arms because i'm carrying a box of diapers around. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. because my oh my how many diapers do we have to buy as moms?! too many.
{ps! if you haven't heard of - now is the time to listen up! they are an amazing website to have on your radar for baby essentials! and right now you can get $12 off of huggies diapers by using the code 'WOWHUGGIES' :) - you're welcome!}

 2. Meal Planning-  i can't stress how important it is for our family to get meal planning in! not only does this help us eat healthier, but it helps with our time and our schedule. we use to do this every sunday, until target became a mad house complete with chaos. now i try to get it done on thursday and friday so we can hit up target friday evening's when its far less busy! we've even saved time by shopping online again and getting our groceries from coborns. LOVE that.

3. Working out at Home- one week into T25, i am hooked on beachbody. i have hated working out and exercising for more years than i can remember so going to the gym was just NOT on my to do list. i couldn't imagine isaiah getting home in the evenings and me rushing out to the door to get some time in at the gym because that meant time away from him and crue together, for the 3 of us to have as a family. but working out, staying fit and being healthy doesn't have to be done away from home or away from my family! i love that i get my work outs in during the morning or afternoon before isaiah even gets home. on the weekends were able to stay active together too and it means so much to me!

4. Tag Team Chores- isaiah cooks, i do the dishes. i do the laundry, he carries it upstairs and we put it away together. wednesday nights i bring our upstairs garbages downstairs and he takes it all out to the garage. thankfully we live in a town home so we don't have any extra chores to do outside of our house really (except right now we do have a garage door that needs to be fixed, boo)! but it is all just a matter of team work and lending a helping hand :) the fact that both of us do a little bit here or there, spending something as little as 5-10 extra minutes a nights leaves room for us to spend our weekends together and do spontaneous things without having to worry about chores in the home that need to be done!

5. Limit other Media- to make sure that we are more invested in our time as a couple and as parents, its important that we both try to stay off of or limit our time on social media, whether its not being on our phones when were out, sitting at the dinner table or putting them away completely after a certain time period. does that mean I'm not blogging as often? sure. but it also means im making memories with my family and thats truly priceless. living in these moments is what its really all about!

i know that crue is too young to remember our days together right now, but i never want him to have to wish that he has (or had) enough time or attention from me. these 5 tips help me save time and soak up plenty of baby snuggles :)

special thank you to Huggies for sponsoring this post!


  1. You're an awesome mommy!
    Love the limited social media. When our family of 3 is all together we have an unspoken rule that weekends are 99% social media free.

  2. Those are all wonderful tips and things I especially try to do since I'm not as blessed to be able to stay home - my time with my babe is extremely limited, so social media is a big one, we put the phones down on the weekends (unless he does something cute and picture worthy, lol).

  3. These are all great!!! I just made a cleaning list so each day is a different room to get done. I'm major OCD about cleaning so this is essential for my sanity. Tate does better to with a list in front of him vs me just telling him. This way, our weekends are free to do fun stuff instead of me feeling like I HAVE to clean the house!!!