Monday, June 23, 2014

crue: TEN M0NTHS!

doctor appointment: none until he's a year old! yeeesh.

fathers day 2014

height: 29.5 inches {measured at home}
weight: our bathroom scale says 19.6
head: 18 inches/46 centimeters {measured at home}

nicknames: cruemanji, crue town, crue shoe, C

- co-sleep w/ isaiah & i
- 12 hours a night, straight thru.
- averaging 2 naps a day, usually the 1st one is on me and the 2nd is on the couch
- we are SO doomed with the crib. as in we seriously need to hire someone to make this transition possible for us! yikes.

- 3 meals a day of solids BLW
- 2 "snacks" a day
- working on weaning bottles, but still have about 4-5 a day.

- wednesday 6/11 was a pretty rough night. i think it could have been his teeth, though I'm not sure which ones! the first 4 popped up with no problem. we never knew they were there or coming until they were through!
- hungry boy. i think we hit a growth spurt somewhere.
- the happiest of boys!

- to be chased by daddy! oh does you ever! daddy says 'im gunna get you!!!' throws you in to the loudest belly laugh i have ever heard. you try to walk away and you get movin' so fast that you topple over. and repeat :)
- sleeping in. you're starting to like your bla bla doll. yay!!
- eating dinner time with mama and daddy. you take pauses and make silly faces or noises while looking at us at the corner of your eye.. when we laugh, you laugh! then you go back to eating. until you think you want to be funny again.
- playing hockey. the sticks he got from grandpa, he uses all day long. i am SUPER impressed that he knows how to handle the sticks and hit his toys! smacking the bottle and the foam bath letters are a big hit.
- the water

- diaper changes
- the word "no" when he tries to unplug our phones from charging at night
- broccoli for the 17th time. he pulls it right out of his mouth and throws it as far as he can.

- size 3 honest diapers
- size 2 shoes
- 3-6, 6-9 and some 6-12 month clothing. though the 6-12 is a bit baggy yet, i don't care. most of our summer outfits are in that size range and summer doesn't last long here in MN so were wearing it darn it!

^that outfit is both 3-6 months from ON, how odd!^

milestones/whats happening:
- i am sure you've seen, but WE HAVE A WALKER!!! he hit 10 months on monday 6/2, and that weekend before, he decided to take off! just 3 days before turning 10 months old he took more steps than ever before. kept practicing with daddy on friday night after we got home from dinner with some friends from canada, which turned in to practicing a little bit on saturday when we weren't with friends at MOA. and then sunday? BAMN. across our entire house. won't stop can't stop now!
- tooth 4 came in! its also on the bottom, outside left. so 4 bottoms but 0 up top yet? i feel like i have been able to see those things for months now!
- fights us on getting IN to the car seat. he locks his knees and just refuses to sit! he wants to stand up and climb all over the car. i am pretty sure that came from car shopping for a million saturdays in a row and crawling over those to check em' out.
- C met hannah! as i mentioned before, i met 23 other moms when we all fell pregnant in november '12. katrina is from canada and we were due the same day :) her husband wilson was going to run in the MPLS marathon so they came in to town! sadly the marathon got cancelled, but we sure had fun with them.
- is seriously such a busy busy boy. can reach anything on the bathroom countertops. loves flipping up the toilet seat. tries dropping toys in the toilet. loves to pull on toilet paper. loves to rip kitchen towels off the cupboard handles.
- first fathers day (6/15)
- celebrated daddys birthday & went golfing (6/18)
- understands things like:
 "come to mama", "walk to mama" "go see dad" "walk to dad" "wheres your mama/dad/puppy/bottle/paci" "go get your momma/dad/puppy/bottle/paci" "walk to moms room" "lets go to crue's room" "find your bottle""lets brush your teeth" "wheres your toothbrush"
- waves hello and goodbye (though only on HIS terms)
- says "da da"
- started saying "ma ma" on da da's birthday!!!
- goes from sitting to standing all on his own. no more assistance from the couch, dogs, chairs, our legs or anything else! (also happened on isaiah's birthday!)
- cruises up the stairs and is slowly learning to crawl back down them

- started T25 beta round! finally seeing some poundage being shed!
- pretty emotional about birthday planning and my baby being so close to O N E!
- tattoo number 9!
- has the baby fevah

- getting ready for annual with work - which will be a trip to milwaukee (we get to go along too)!
- watches you(c) every time you(c) walk, like its the first time. he is just in amazement!
- has the baby fevah 


size newborn pants that he wore home from the hospital @ 3 days old


  1. He's going to be such a heartbreaker! ;)

  2. I am having issues with transitioning Jack into the crib too. I swear he will do great but it's me. I had him in the co sleeper until he was 4 months, now I have the pack and play next to our bed. I just like him close to me. It's easier to nurse and I love the time I can cuddle with him. I swear I have seperation anxiety from him. Crue is so cute!!! He is such a happy boy!

  3. haha your family smiles so big, Each of the three of you have the biggest smiles and I love it! Your boy is a beautiful 10 month old!

  4. He is so stinking cute! :) I can't believe he's walking - so crazy!

  5. where is his I heart daddy shirt from? Its adorable!

  6. hehehe the baby fevah! Crue is a dolly baby, I love him

  7. His hair is SO BLONDE!!!
    The backward hat picture is the best.
    Such a smiley boy. Send him my way, please (you should probably come, too)!

  8. So adorable!!! He is seriously just adorable!!! Those shoes he's wearing in the 'dad' letter photos...what are they? Turner may need those!!!

  9. Um I think we need to see the new tattoo! As always, C is such a cutie!

  10. He is way too cute. Seriously. You make a cute kid that's for sure :) And what tattoo did you get????

  11. He is just so happy!!! LOVE it. I just want to snuggle him!! Such a cute walker, he looks so tiny to walk! :)