Thursday, June 19, 2014

i did WHAT?!

i spoke about my struggle with weight gain and weight loss here.

i just finished 5 weeks of a new program, and i am down 3lbs and 9 inches!!

i have tried isagenix. i have tried herbalife.
both of those to no success. not a single pound (or inch) lost.

then i tried shakeology.
which is the greatest shake i have ever had.
so much that i can't imagine going a day without.

PCOS really hinders my weight loss. so when i found out that this was working?
i was in.
i was am LOVING it.

i also just finished up the alpha round of T25 and didn't dread pushing play on the dvd! its the first at-home work out program that i have ever been able to enjoy AND finish. i pushed through and i can say that it was well worth it.

i loved it so much, that i signed up to be a coach.
i know. i know.
i do not have a beach body.
i would LOVE to lose 30 more pounds.
but i have finally found something that is able to help me do that!
i was surrounded by some incredible women who were also doing T25 and we all pushed each other. motivated each other. shared post work out sweaty pics, healthy recipes and fitness goals.

if i loved this so much, and it actually helped me to battle PCOS?
i want to tell the world about it.
i want to help you feel better too!

in my book, shaun T beats jillian michaels any day.

now i am on to the beta round of T25! so heres to the next 5 weeks and seeing more results.
i never thought i would become obsessed with getting in a work out!

if i can help you, IN ANY WAY, don't be afraid to ask!


  1. Yay! Congrats on finding something that works for your PCOS :-) I am not due till 12/6/14 but I WILL need something to help shed this baby weight I'm gaining. I will be continuing to follow your journey :-)

  2. I'm so proud of you, friend!!!! I'm glad that you found something that works for you and extremely excited for you to start this new journey as a coach.

  3. I've seen so many good things about T25 that it's my plan to use once Baby Boy is here. So much easier to do a DVD at home than lug myself and baby to a gym. I'll be seeking your advice in a few months! So happy you've found something that works for you. Keep kickin' butt, girl!

  4. That is awesome!!! I am having such a tough time losing weight after the birth of my son. I feel HUGE and I am. I really am having difficulty because I don't want to work out. I would much rather spend time with my son than go to the gym. I am away from him 10 hours a day and I couldn't bare being away any longer. I also am afraid to lose my milk supply if I work out to hard core. I have been toying around with the idea of the T25. Keep it up!!!

  5. Tell me more about T25... I have Insanity, and while I love the workouts, most days I just don't have the 45-65 minutes needed to start and finish a workout. Is it worth the investment to get T25, too???

  6. You are awesome!!! You will love Beta! And make sure you get Gamma - it was my most fav!!