Monday, June 16, 2014

my favorite place in the whole world.

day 7: labadee

to me, labadee is the bees knees of cruise ports.
of course the only way i can get there is on a royal caribbean cruise ship.

labadee is an island of haiti that royal owns, and it has easily become my favorite port of call.
my first time there was in 2007, things were so different back then! there was only one beach with a tiny splash pad. it was the first time in my life that i got a sun burn. but despite that, i could not WAIT for isaiah to see the place i loved so much.
now they've added so many things to the island! royal caribbean put in a roller coaster that goes through out the mountains, a zip line from the top of the peak over the ocean, jet ski's and a huge water zone for the kiddos. theres no restaurants on the island so the staff on the ship come off and make a huge bbq right on the island. its fabulous. i noticed some tiny huts that were filled with little antiques and hand made trinkets from the haitians but not a single person would come over to bother us to buy something. even though their country is SO poor. they are just SO friendly.
if you ever go here - bring some school supplies! the people on the ship will get them to the people on the island! melts my heart.

we woke up early so we could watch the ship sail in and dock. when i was there in 2007, we had to tender! it was nice to skip that part :) the views from our breakfast table were stunning.

those lips!

no filter! THAT WATER. i die.

when we got off the ship, we saw that there was a boat waiting at the dock so we hopped on that and went over to columbus cove where we met up with our friends that we met in st.maarten and hung out with in st.kitts, the Loche family! right away when a staff member saw us, he said "oh! you have a baby. you need the shade" and found us two chairs right under a palm tree just up from the ocean. it was so nice of him :) he came back later asking if we wanted a canopy tent for more shade but we opted out because we spent time back and forth between our chairs, being in the water with the Loche's and hanging out by their chairs. 

if you ever go to labadee, make sure you get a labadoozie! when we were heading back to the ship, we saw some people with about 8 of these cups hanging from her back pack! its the islands famous drink. and it is so deeeeelicious. mango, orange, pineapple, coconut cream, grenadine and rum? YUM.

and this? a view i wouldn't trade for the world.

i think he loves the island life just as much as mama does.

labadee is a complete relaxation station.

C fell asleep on me for 2 hours as we just sat there with the ocean waves washing up beneath us. when he woke up, we sat him down on the sand (for some reason, we didn't really do this at any of the other ports?!) and he crawled right in! a wave splashed in his face & he just kept on going. it was easily my favorite part of the entire vacation. I'm so glad we caught it on video. 

i heart thee.

that look on isaiahs face is because C took 3 steps! just a day after turning 8 months old. in the sand!

before heading back to the ship, we decided to walk around the island and check out some of the other beaches and areas.

back on board, it was the 2nd to the last night :( the captain introduced the high chefs along with some of the other management from different departments as everyone clapped and our waiters sang & danced to throw a little goodbye party to all.

and then it was disco night on the royal promenade!

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  1. You are such an adorable family;) Looks like you had the perfect day, so relaxing and fun and full of all that makes life wonderful. Great pics!

  2. That place looks like heaven! And C sleeping on you? Stop it. I can't even.

  3. Where is this video you have?!?! I must see. I must add this place to visit on our next seriously looks amazing!

  4. This port looks amazing! I want to sail with Royal again just to visit it!

  5. I'm going to be so sad when your recaps are over.....I just can't get enough of the beautiful!

  6. I'm going to be so sad when your recaps are over.....I just can't get enough of the beautiful!

  7. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous.
    You and your little family make me so overly excited for us to be parents one day. These pictures could not have been anymore perfect!

  8. The three footprints in the adorable!