Friday, June 20, 2014

on being clueless.

people are clueless.

i am just mind boggled sometimes at the things that come out of peoples mouths.

my husband and i were golfing with some of our friends/his co-workers. two ladies were pregnant, one is soon to be married with the love of all things baby, and another couple were along with their 7 week old (squish!).

somewhere during the day, the topic of mistaken babies came up. to which most of them admitted being a part of, either as children of their own or thats how their kid came about. and you know what happened next right? they immediately think crue was the same.

now. do NOT get me wrong. i do not judge if you planned to have a baby or not. i am pretty sure most babies in this world are a surprise. but a mistake? meh.

obviously. crue was not a mistake.

of all things baby, some comments weaved in and out about how awful it is to be pregnant. how awful it is to have a newborn. how they can't wait for them to grow up and be like the 3 year old over there.

i was (and still am) just

shortly after that topic, the chatter drifted to the topic of second babies.

someone said "isaiah is thinking, NOPE. lets wait for a little while before that happens. or a long while actually. not ready for that!"

i mean. REALLY?

when we got home, my husband brought that conversation up. and he mentioned how clueless people were. he was raving on about how we have struggled, and how yes, we are BOTH yearning for another. we may spend thousands of dollars, many weeks, months and years TRYING to get pregnant.

& fact is,
we may never be able to have another baby again.


if you can believe it, my husbands baby fever scores higher on the cards than my own.
i love him for that.

when he saw the 7 week old, he mentioned he missed that stage. he missed holding such a tiny baby. when he started CRYING? isaiah said he missed hearing that too.

i am lucky. he is lucky.
we are blessed to have each other and so very blessed to have crue.

but yes. we want more babies.
and yes, we would LOVE to be pregnant again.
yesterday, today, tomorrow - we'll take it.

please don't assume that pregnancy is awful. please don't assume every newborn is the worst change you'll have to go through. please don't assume that every pregnancy was an "oops" or that we don't want another baby.

because i couldn't possibly tell you how far you off from the truth.

being pregnant was the BEST thing i've ever felt.
becoming parents was the BEST thing we've ever done.

what may be your situation
is not everyone else's situation


  1. AMEN! It was/is not always the most fun thing, but I would say that it's the best thing I've ever done with my life.

  2. I love this!!! We should NEVER assume, which is why I will NEVER ask anyone about their "plans" on having babies. It is a very personal situation and it should be respected. We don't know what other people go through...

  3. after watching so many of my closest friends experience and struggle with getting pregnant/pregnancy/miscarriage i've become very reserved in what i say and/or ask others. pregnancy/children/parenthood is such a delicate topic and i would hate to add salt to any proverbial wounds.