Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the sippy cup debate & baby smoothies

in our attempt to get Crue drinking from a sippy cup, i've branched out to making smoothies in hopes that it would help him become interested or suck harder rather than biting it all day long.
we're still working on finding a sippy cup that works (i swear we've purchased about 11 different kinds) but we did find that he loves himself some smoothies!

1 cup coconut milk or almond milk (or even cows milk if your baby drinks that)
1 cup spinach or kale (ive began to just use a handful)
fruit (this time we went with a pear, apple and banana)
1tsp flax seeds (optional)
ice (optional)
coconut oil (optional) - (i use this when it happens to be downstairs in our kitchen vs upstairs in his room because we also use it on his booty after the lovely swim diaper rash arrives and for scratches)

fruits we've tried: blueberries, pears, mango, apple, banana, pineapple, strawberries, canteloupe
we've avoided: oranges for the citrus (don't plan on giving him that type of stuff until he's 1) and raspberries because of the seeds

i put in the milk first, then the spinach, followed by the fruit, flax seeds, coconut oil and ice last.
this smoothie i left out the coconut oil, flax seeds and ice because it just got full pretty fast with the fruit. it was more of a thin water-like consistency rather than the average thicker smoothie. but we have definitely used ice in the past too!

blend, of course!
(ps. i am OBSESSED with our ninja. it has made smoothie making for crue and my shakeology life so much easier and enjoyable!)

put in a sippy cup and you're ready to go!

i am pretty sure he's biting it again, this boy!

if you have a magic sippy cup, i'd love to hear about it!


  1. Ford is now obsessed with his straw sippies! I am giving him milk in them to help us with weaning and he loves the straw! I use the playtex insulated ones from Target and we do water in Nuby nipple ones.

  2. Those smoothies look you drink them, too?? ;)

  3. The Take and Toss worked best for us because the flow is a bit higher. Some types make it really hard to get anything out! They don't hold up to biting very well though.

  4. Gah the Dr told us yesterday we can start introducing sippy cups!! WHAT?! Mav is not that old is he?! :(

  5. No sippy cup advice - sorry! We are still trying to find a good one that doesn't leak, or have 8 million pieces to clean (shoot me). But, I need to try this smoothie business with M.
    P.S. Love the smiley face made out of fruit.

  6. Sippy cups are so hard! I always had a zillion different kinds and never actually loved anything.

  7. Love the OXO ones with the straw. All the parts are interchangeable, too. Yay for baby smoothies!

  8. Weston just bites the sippy cups too. SO DANG FRUSTRATING. HAHAHAHA

  9. We use the Tommee Tippee Straw Sippy Cups. Matthew likes straws and they work the best for him. So far, he hasn't really taken to any other cup!