Friday, July 25, 2014


doctor appointment: we went in on 7/15 because he wasn't acting his normal self, mainly during the night. i thought it could have been an ear infection by all the ear tugging and not wanting to eat - but it was a very sore throat :( thankfully our strep test came back negative and he was feeling better before we left on our milwaukee vacation. we go back on 8/6 for the official 12 month appointment!

height: 30in
weight: 19lb 7oz
head: not measured

nicknames: cruebee, bugsy, C, crumanji, little man, beeb

sleeping: through the night! nothing new here. usually 2 naps a day, sometimes just 1. im noticing that the car is really stating to throw the day off if he falls asleep on an errand. one specific morning he woke up at 10am & was so easy for a nap when we had to leave at 1, that he took a 10 minute nap in the car - and that was it! refused a nap the rest of the day. crazy pants.
but he will also fall asleep anywhere! he passed out on many boat rides, during fireworks, in a work happy hour event at a bar in the stokkemycarrier, the middle of a concert… just out!

- watermelon like its going out of style
- absolutely LOVES his homemade spinach waffles, and we love making them every sunday!
- tried adding some cows milk to the bottle and he had runny poo all day, so we put a stop to that until we check with his ped about it & ask about some other kinds of milk too.
- boyfriend loves carbs like his mama. bread, fresh rolls, mashed potatoes.. give us all the carbs.

- overall, still a very happy boy
- starting to see some signs of shyness when strangers wave and he bashfully hides his head with a smile
- i can see the tiny tantrums starting! he is such a faker but will try to give his best squeal to get his way

- DAD. DAD. DA DA. DADDY. its intense. there is a whole new level of separation anxiety going on that just started out of the blue. during our 1 year pics, i couldn't even get a picture with just me and C because he FREAKED out if dad stepped away! :(
- clapping for himself & along with others
- music
- cell phones & remotes
- boating
- feeling the breeze on his face

- car rides. especially loooong car rides.
- car seats.
- being refrained from walking in any way!
- walking while holding hands (insert sad face here)

- finishing up size 3's during the day
- size 4 for bed
- 6-12 month clothing, and still some of his smaller 6 or 9 month outfits. wearing them all summer long!

milestones/whats happening:
- our 2nd top tooth came in! they are both his vampire teeth. where are his front ones?! this makes 6 teeth total now.
- no more walking, its all about the running.
- had one year photos done with miss jenna
- first trip to daddys annual work event, a little mini vacation to milwaukee = 7 hour road trip.
- says "up"
- went to the oertli wedding (where he loved all of the traditional indian dances)!
- LEARNED TO USE A SIPPY! hallelujah. one monday morning i decided to try the very first sippy we ever bought (which is a straw one) and BOOM. nailed it.
- tried some cows milk in the bottle for the 1st time
- took a trip to the milwaukee zoo. it was closed off to dad's work company and SO much fun. tried some cherries for the first time and a pb&j uncrustable. also got a caricature done and sat so well for it!
- first concert! another private event for dad's work, we saw FUN and c jammed out the whole time!
- first 4th of july! fell asleep during the fireworks out on the boat.
- first trip to the cabin! quickly turned that in to a 4 hour road trip with all our stops.
- first freezie at the cabin
- first popsicle (mango fruitare)

- became a writer for MOMquery!
- had a little momma/son date with C at the children's museum in milwaukee
- has had 3 doctor appointments in 4 weeks
- my hometown GERMANY won the world soccer cup!

- had a 5 day work trip in WI but got to take us with :)
- teaching crue to say "up"
- loves when crue runs to him when he hears the garage after work

Friday, July 18, 2014

a birth story.

I was overdue.
Were talking almost two weeks overdue.
Holy. Moly.
Read the rest of Mr.Stubborns birth story over at MOMquery today!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

hanging out with pop secret!

we have finally found the secret to success!!!

thanks to genius things like Netflix, Redbox and good deals at Target - a lot of our date nights have turned in to movie nights right here at home with Crue :) and of course, no movie night is complete without popcorn!
i craved this popcorn towards the end of my pregnancy and i had literally burned it every time i made it, to the point where i just threw it all away. it was right then and there that i swore i'd never buy popcorn again because i could never make it right! 
everyone can relate to the frustration of burning popcorn i am sure, so thankfully Pop Secret decided to solve the guessing game for all of us! now we can spend more time enjoying movies and less time staring at the microwave waiting for our popcorn to burn because the Perfect Pop listens to the pops for us, waiting for the precise moment to let us know when its done to perfection!

With your iPhone 5+ on iOS 7+, download Perfect Pop (“Perfect Popcorn”) for free on the App Store. 

1. Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter suggested cooking time from the packaging. Note: Perfect Pop is optimized for the deliciousness of Pop Secret popcorn only.

2. Turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet.

3. Start the microwave, and then start the app.

and now were ready to snuggle!!

thank you to Pop Secret for sponsoring this post!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

our last day at sea :(

day 8: sea day

i've said it before and i'll say it again - i LOVE sea days. they are so rejuvenating. but the last sea day? thats totally bittersweet. 
we made sure to soak up every moment possible, so this sea day wasn't much different from the others!

when we woke up, we went to eat breakfast and returned to our room to pack some pool side goodies for the afternoon before heading out to the worlds sexiest man contest. isaiah was going to participate, because he won on our last two cruises, but we took too long and it wast beginning as we got out to the pool. next time though!

it was also a friday, and being that crue was born on a friday - i had to take his weekly picture. pretty fun to be on a ship instead of on the chair in his nursery!

35 weeks

when the contest was over, we were pool side for the afternoon! we found some shade before going down to the kiddie pool so C could be free and crawl around… he quickly found an older couple that he fell in love with! we were so lucky to find such nice people on this cruise. everyone loved C!

the man C would not leave alone!

i have about 50 pictures like this… one of the pool deck workers came to us and was chatting with C. apparently C loved him too because every picture is just full of smiles! 

obviously swimming is pretty exhausting, because C crashed QUICK after being in the pool. and he got his first diaper rash ever :( i could tell it was so painful (i blame swim diapers or the lining in his suits), so we let him nap this one out nakey style.

we used his nap time to shower and get ready for the evening. on the last night of the cruise, everyone sets their bags outside their door before 10pm so they can be taken away and carried off the ship for you. you don't have to do this, but we always do and this time with a baby our decision was even easier to have our bags taken care of for us. packing to go home always sucks :(
when C woke up - we went to watch the flow rider contest on the back of the ship and my oh my, some people are really good at that thing! isaiah did it and was successful enough to stay on, but i refuse to try out of pure fear to either fall and bust my face, or lose my suit!

then we watched some people play basketball, watched some other people rock climb and went to treat ourselves to some pre-dinner malts from johnny rockets before getting C ready for our last dinner of the trip.

we had the greatest waiters. i always remember and miss them after a cruise. every night we arrived there was a high chair at our table and a fruit cup waiting which was just so nice because it meant C could be eating before any of us ordered. he never had to wait which meant he was never fussy. they brought out the kids menu every night and we alternated some meals on there for C to eat. following every dinner they brought out a little ice cream banana sundae for C, which really i ate most of ;)

our assistant waiter joseph from the Philippines  he was the sweetest and loved C so much. he showed us lots of photos on his phone of his two kids. he just got on the ship 2 months ago, so he had 7 more months to go before returning home to see his family. 

our head waiter alner from the Philippines  he only had 2 weeks left before he got to go home and see his family for awhile and then his new assignment is 9 months on Royal Caribbeans newest ship, Quantum! the quantum won't have a main dining room, so things are going to change for alner but i hope he loves it!

Joseph came over with a crane that he made out of the dinner napkin and C thought it was the coolest thing ever. it seemed as though he was only 7 months old, he still understood the gesture and was so appreciative. 4 months later, we still have this crane in crue's bedroom sitting on a shelf :)

after dinner we went up the top deck to see if we could catch a sunset and let crue crawl around like the maniac he was is. 

then we hit up the last show for the night, which was a juggling act. he had really good talent, but really bad jokes. ha ha. so many times i felt SUPER awkward because all his jokes were making fun of himself? so strange. but not a bad show on the flip side! he juggled all sorts of things, up to as many as 8 objects at once (including knives and some stuff on fire)!

since it was the last night, the captain and all of the staff comes on stage to be recognized and say their farewells. it can get pretty emotional for cruising addicts like myself! ive been known to literally shed a few tears during this time. 
*we met some people doing a back to back - and this would have TOTALLY been the perfect time do it! the captain was getting off with us to start his vacation and go back home to the netherlands, and the entertainment staff was also getting off with us to all go back home, so those doing a back to back got all new entertainment on their 2nd week!*

after the show, we went back to our room to make sure we had everything out that we needed, and everything packed that we didn't need so we could set our luggage. after that was all set, we stopped at the schooner bar for trivia and to exchange contact info with the loche family, mike & paula, and tim & terri so we could all stay in touch :) one last night of hurrah!

and then it was time for bed so we could get up early on sunday morning and leave the ship :( 
thankfully we didn't schedule our flights back to MN until monday, so we had one more day of vacation in florida! 

now, just 118 days until we're reunited with the sea again!

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