Friday, July 25, 2014


doctor appointment: we went in on 7/15 because he wasn't acting his normal self, mainly during the night. i thought it could have been an ear infection by all the ear tugging and not wanting to eat - but it was a very sore throat :( thankfully our strep test came back negative and he was feeling better before we left on our milwaukee vacation. we go back on 8/6 for the official 12 month appointment!

height: 30in
weight: 19lb 7oz
head: not measured

nicknames: cruebee, bugsy, C, crumanji, little man, beeb

sleeping: through the night! nothing new here. usually 2 naps a day, sometimes just 1. im noticing that the car is really stating to throw the day off if he falls asleep on an errand. one specific morning he woke up at 10am & was so easy for a nap when we had to leave at 1, that he took a 10 minute nap in the car - and that was it! refused a nap the rest of the day. crazy pants.
but he will also fall asleep anywhere! he passed out on many boat rides, during fireworks, in a work happy hour event at a bar in the stokkemycarrier, the middle of a concert… just out!

- watermelon like its going out of style
- absolutely LOVES his homemade spinach waffles, and we love making them every sunday!
- tried adding some cows milk to the bottle and he had runny poo all day, so we put a stop to that until we check with his ped about it & ask about some other kinds of milk too.
- boyfriend loves carbs like his mama. bread, fresh rolls, mashed potatoes.. give us all the carbs.

- overall, still a very happy boy
- starting to see some signs of shyness when strangers wave and he bashfully hides his head with a smile
- i can see the tiny tantrums starting! he is such a faker but will try to give his best squeal to get his way

- DAD. DAD. DA DA. DADDY. its intense. there is a whole new level of separation anxiety going on that just started out of the blue. during our 1 year pics, i couldn't even get a picture with just me and C because he FREAKED out if dad stepped away! :(
- clapping for himself & along with others
- music
- cell phones & remotes
- boating
- feeling the breeze on his face

- car rides. especially loooong car rides.
- car seats.
- being refrained from walking in any way!
- walking while holding hands (insert sad face here)

- finishing up size 3's during the day
- size 4 for bed
- 6-12 month clothing, and still some of his smaller 6 or 9 month outfits. wearing them all summer long!

milestones/whats happening:
- our 2nd top tooth came in! they are both his vampire teeth. where are his front ones?! this makes 6 teeth total now.
- no more walking, its all about the running.
- had one year photos done with miss jenna
- first trip to daddys annual work event, a little mini vacation to milwaukee = 7 hour road trip.
- says "up"
- went to the oertli wedding (where he loved all of the traditional indian dances)!
- LEARNED TO USE A SIPPY! hallelujah. one monday morning i decided to try the very first sippy we ever bought (which is a straw one) and BOOM. nailed it.
- tried some cows milk in the bottle for the 1st time
- took a trip to the milwaukee zoo. it was closed off to dad's work company and SO much fun. tried some cherries for the first time and a pb&j uncrustable. also got a caricature done and sat so well for it!
- first concert! another private event for dad's work, we saw FUN and c jammed out the whole time!
- first 4th of july! fell asleep during the fireworks out on the boat.
- first trip to the cabin! quickly turned that in to a 4 hour road trip with all our stops.
- first freezie at the cabin
- first popsicle (mango fruitare)

- became a writer for MOMquery!
- had a little momma/son date with C at the children's museum in milwaukee
- has had 3 doctor appointments in 4 weeks
- my hometown GERMANY won the world soccer cup!

- had a 5 day work trip in WI but got to take us with :)
- teaching crue to say "up"
- loves when crue runs to him when he hears the garage after work


  1. Awe, your baby boy is adorable and obviously a joy in your lives…enjoy him…he'll be FIVE before you know it (like mine!)

  2. Ya'll are so cute!!! We should still try to fit in a zoo date before they weather gets COLD!!!

  3. My daughter hates the car/car seat. If Crue is hating it at one year, that doesn't give me much hope :)

  4. He looks SO MUCH like you, but when I look at his eyes they look like his Daddy's! Unless he is smiling because he smiles just like you! LOL. Cutie!!! I can't believe he is almost 1!

  5. Crue is such a little peanut! And his hair is SO BLOND!
    Woohoo for sippy cups!

  6. Love that boy!!!! How do you make your spinach waffles? Noelle loves her spinach smoothies and would love those, I'm sure!