Thursday, July 10, 2014

hopefully the first of many

i signed up my first coach to be on my beachbody team!!!!!

kayla is a mom of 2, with her second boy being born on my due date with crue - just two weeks before my overdue baby finally came :) it has been a lot of fun knowing her over the past years and we've always stayed in touch as she moved away for her husbands job's but i am just SO excited to watch her grow!

she started out with t25 and shakeology, (like me!) and lost FIVE POUNDS, 3 inches - in her FIRST week!!! that is amazing!!

it feels SO good to be able to help others get fit and healthy while i work on the same for myself. and now thats simply what kayla is going to be doing too!
i feel so blessed to have found this community.

if you're interested in joining, or being a part of my team - let me know!


  1. God job lady!! I still don't have a coach!

  2. Oh, this sounds awesome! Good luck to YOU, I can't wait to see your journey and your results;)