Thursday, July 3, 2014

mambo number nine.

i love tattoos. i got my first one when i was 21, and now at 27 i have a total of {NiNE}!

lets welcome number nine to the family!

done by Jack @ Anchors End
(i also kind of really love that it was done at a nautical obsessed shop. so fitting for me!)

it's not crooked, but i do kind of wish it was. meaning that i wish it started up a little higher but ended right where it does? so it slanted more with the shape of my arm? i have no idea. i do know it is so hard to decide these things in the moment because when you're at the tattoo shop you are on such a high, you trust that the tattoo man knows where to place these things because they do it how many times a day, and the stencils they use are a light purple and very thin. but guess what? TOO BAD. because its on me forever!

i had serious tattoo withdrawals between number 8 and number 9. and when crue came along, i dreamt many many times of getting a tattoo with his name.
but i know better than that.
because i want many many babies. and i kept thinking, where would i put their names?!

i got this tattoo.
for all of my babies. first crue, and hopefully our future babies too.

this quote meant everything to me when i was trying to get pregnant. it meant a lot during my pregnancy. now as we're struggling again for number 2, i refer to it many. many. times a day.

i think he approves :)

i think i am going to end my tattoo streak with a bang and make tattoo number 10 a half sleeve.

the poem below was hanging up in the tattoo shop, and i absolutely love it.

INK by Chopper Kate

you don't know me, but look again
heres my life etched on my skin

the one on the left, well thats my first love
and the cross on my heart is for Mom up above

this heres the one to cover the scar
from a bitter divorce and a fight in the bar

i wear an angel to remember a sweet lost child
and a devil on my shoulder for when i get a little wild

theres an eagle and flat that fly proud and free
because i learned firsthand what the cost of freedom can be

so before you judge you you think you see,
look again….
because heres my life etched on my skin.

have an amazing, safe and happy 4th everyone!! we will be at my cabin for the first time in FAR too long and i can not wait for crue to enjoy the best part of my childhood. it will be so strange to be there without my grandpa but i know he's watching over us :)



  1. LOVE IT!!! Ah! It came out so nice and the meaning behind it is perfect. I love when people get tattoos with meaning rather than impulse. Hope you guys have a great 4th and possibly a July 4th miracle?! Hoping!! Tattoo's can do that right?! :)

  2. Love the tattoo, and the message! So pretty! Hopefully it brings you some good baby luck!! :)

  3. I love your tattoo!!! Have a fun and safe 4th!!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! And that poem - seriously!!

  5. I love your blog! I also love your hair! Do you mind sharing where you get it cut?

  6. Are you guys doing the annual boat parade? I love seeing those pics every year!

  7. Beautiful quote - love your tattoo! I'm saving up to get one when I'm done nursing as a present to myself, I can't wait!

  8. I had no idea you were all inked up girl.! Nice.

  9. I'm a lover of tats! I have three now, and am working on my idea for #4. This is a great one! And such a wonderful quote!


  10. LOVE IT!!
    I have 4 of my own, and go back and forth on whether or not to get no. 5. Still trying to find the perfect "thing" and the perfect spot.

  11. I love it. It looks great and I think the placing is fine :)

  12. ps you know both Taylor and Tara? So cool! They were both my leaders at church in high school