Wednesday, July 9, 2014

nine month favorites.

this collage looked so much better when i made it and didn't have all these different colored backgrounds?
someday ill learn how to work html and find the transparency trick!

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i knew i wanted crue to have a bla bla doll when we were pregnant and isaiah picked out the frog, named luigi. crue was just starting to acquire a love for it around 9 months and would take it around the house with him. at 10 months we decided to bring it in the car with us and start taking it to certain places. he now gets it at bedtime too and i will catch him snuggling with it - but what I'm really hoping for is that he begins to love it so much that it'll help transition him to the crib to have a bit of familiarity and find comfort in luigi!

we have two pairs of freshly picked moccasins and i want a million more. they are SO easy to put on that anyone can do it. (read: we aren't always running late to get somewhere because its taking dad a long time to get shoes on baby feet!) the downfall (for us) is the price but they are definitely worth every penny. were just outgrowing our size 2 fools gold and in to our size 3 emeralds. he's able to walk in these shoes so much better than any other brand we own!

i was sick of buying puffs all.the.time so i thought id buy some rice chef and goldfishes to take with us on the go and needed something to put them in. crue figured out how this munchkin snack catcher worked within the first night and he absolutely loves it! he also loves feeding the dogs, which drives me nuts!

the pop pop piano we found at a baby boutique called pacifier and it caught crue's attention right away on the shelf. he played with the display the whole time i was shopping so it had to come home with us. i think the colors are a bit girly but he sure loves smashing the keys down and watching those jacks fly around inside!

he still is majorly obsessed with the mini hockey sticks (mentioned here) and they are the best toy/thing we own. he takes them in the bathtub with him and they are the first toy that comes out of the basket every.single.morning. when we were up north, he used my grandmas cane and the fly swatter in the same way he uses the hockey stick! we got home at 2am, he of course woke up in transition from the carseat to our house so we sat him down while we carried our bags in and he went right for the stick. that boy!

can't believe its almost time for our next monthly favorites post! my oh my where has the time gone?!


  1. Those baby mocs! Crue rocks the cutest wardrobe, ever. I want M to have a pair in the worst way, but I think he's too old/big. Boo. :(

  2. We are loving those snack catchers! I stopped buying puffs and now buy different kinds of cheerios (he loves apple cinnamon), mini Ritz bits, and oyster crackers!

  3. I'm picking up one oft hose snack catchers tonight!!!!

  4. I hope I can come to your blog for mommy tips very soon!

  5. Oh gosh, those snack catchers! I used to have a zillion of those!