Monday, August 18, 2014

12 month family photos

when i realized that we were going to be in milwaukee just a few weeks before crue turned one, i knew i had to reach out to Jenna and ask if she would take some family photos for us.

i think we may be the 2nd or 3rd(?) family that jenna has ever shot, since weddings are her main jam - but i am oh so thankful that she said yes and gifted us these beautiful memories! i am pretty sure i know when we will be taking our yearly photos from now on ;)

our night was nothing short of perfect… (except that i didn't have a stand for the cake smash)
i want to hang every single one all over my house, so sorry not sorry for the picture overload!

all photos copyright by Jenna Leigh Photography




it feels like yesterday we were just trying to take his newborn photos. he was a teeny squishy sleepy babe who could care less about taking pictures because he had better things to do… not much has changed! i can't wait to see where the next year takes us!

see past photos here:
newborn / rosy cheeks
three months family / sophia mayrhofer
six months / rosy cheeks
nine months family / sophia mayrhofer
cake smash / jenna leigh


  1. Such an adorable family! Oh, and Crue's last outfit with the suspenders? Holy cuteness.

  2. All the pics are adorable but those last two? ... be still my heart.

  3. Such a beautiful family! Great pics!

  4. How do you have enough wall space in your home for all these fabulous photos of your adorable family??

  5. These are so adorable! And I love that you took some couple photos too. I need to remember to do that for our next photo shoot :)

  6. These are SOOOO CUTE!!! OMG...the backpack ones gave me chills...STOP GROWING!!!

  7. I'm obsessed! These are so perfect. I cannot believe how big he is already. I remember waiting for you to go into labor!

  8. Hello gorgeous family!!! Those are the most precious photos!!!!

  9. Wow! These pics are so perfect! What a gorgeous family!!

  10. yep - i love them all. every one of them.
    you have such a gorgeous little family.

  11. My heart melts over the backpack photos! He is too precious!