Friday, August 1, 2014

a little letter to my not so little baby.

you are one.

i can not believe it has been three hundred and sixty-five days since i have felt you kicking in my belly. now i watch as you use those same feet to run across the room and rush to greet dad every evening when he comes home from work. you are so big now, that those feet make a sound and gone are the days of you sneaking up on me.
i feel like im going to blink and you are going to be sneaking out of our house.

time is the enemy.
i am so grateful to have a thriving, happy, handsome boy and to reach this milestone with you. your dad and i are so honored to be your parents, give you a first birthday party and watch you blow out your first candle.

i know we have many fun days and memories ahead, though i can't help but mourn your baby days a little bit. it is oh so bittersweet.

you still take your afternoon nap on my chest and i will never take that for granted. for 365 days now, thats been our time. the workouts can wait. the dishes can wait. the toys all across the floor can wait. because for those 1-2 hours a day, you want to rest your head on my heart and peacefully dose off. i don't hate it.

its true what they say, babies don't keep.

you are the happiest of happy. you love running and can't get enough of dancing. i will always know when there is music on in a store as background noise because you pick up on it before i do and i'll catch you wiggling around as you dance, shaking your butt and bobbing your head.

you sleep like a teenager. from that first night you came out of my belly, you decided that 11pm would be your bedtime and 11am (give or take) would be your wake up time. AND THATS OKAY. you are so rare. so stubborn. so special. so unique.

you are independent. you are determined. you are sassy. you are full of life. you are more perfect than i  could have ever dreamed.

you are a miracle.
and you are mine.

you are ours.

we will go to sleep tonight, together as a family of three with our 11 month old baby boy. i will kiss your cheek and dad will tuck you in. but when we wake up?
you will be one.

O N E!

i can't wrap my head around it. and im not sure i ever will. i don't know where the days have gone!
but i do know that you are oh so loved.

and you are forever my baby.

dream big sweet crue.
i am so happy to be your mama.

happy first birthday my joy.

xxo love always,


  1. Aw this is so sweet! Love it! Happy birthday Crue!

  2. BAH! How is this possible??? Happy almost birthday Crue!!

  3. Aww, so sweet - I can't believe it's his first birthday! Happy birthday Crue!

  4. Yep - made me tear up!! I just can't believe it's been a year already!! It goes so fast!! I hope you have the happiest of birthday's Crue Man!!!

  5. And I'm sobbing at my desk at work. So beautiful. You are so blessed. And so is he to have you as his momma.

  6. This is the sweetest! How can it be?! Happy Birthday, Crue! xo

  7. Crying! Beautiful. I love it! I also needed to read some of this today. JaiseAnn now only naps when being worn and I let it stress me out some days. Knowing that you've held him for an entire year... And that the other things can wait... I just needed that reminder.

  8. And cue the tears. What a sweet post.
    Happiest of Birthdays to that perfect little boy!!