Tuesday, September 30, 2014

an added bonus?

i have been to the doctors 4x in the last 3 weeks, so i am just going to come right out and say it.


they should have daycares at fertility clinics.
imagine the money they could make! $$$$$.
on top of all the crazy amounts that they already make now off of us poor women & couples wanting to have a baby so bad that we drain our bank accounts and take out loans just so we can be hopeful for two weeks and have a glimmer of that chance.
were already charged an arm & a leg, so i mean really - why not?
on a different floor of course.

i have now been to two of the fertility clinics in MN, and at my 1st appointment at the more recent clinic - there were 6 children in the waiting room. four in the beginning, and two more while isaiah and i were waiting to be called back to head to the lab.
we also took a seat in the corner, only to find ourselves sitting next to a green eggs & ham book.
is this some kind of joke?
after texting a friend who had went to the same clinic about the oddity, i went over and asked the nurse if there are usually this many kids around? she said "we discourage it and always ask that you do not bring any children, im sorry" - and of course, this i had known as they also asked me to leave any previous children at home.
crue was sleeping at home while isaiahs brother was in town and staying with us.
i have a kid. i understand. i get it, i do. childcare can be hard to find at the last minute, or maybe too expensive, or maybe perhaps your sitter bailed. but even though i have a child of my own? it still stung to see so many in that waiting room. i felt sad.
i realize that i don't know their story, as they do not know mine. we have no idea if each others first children were easy to create, just as difficult as our current's may be, or harder.

as a stay at home mom, it wasn't easy to figure out what to do with crue the 4 doctor appointments i had in a 3 week time span.  if i wasn't worried about bleeding all over a new surface and ruining yet another outfit, i was worried about who would watch my kid and if it would go well.

the clinic i go to now is on the 4th floor of a large building.
imagine if they had a daycare! hire people to watch our children.
set it up on a different floor or area of the building where they're separated.

i would LOVE to get ready with crue, park in the ramp as usual and stop by a room like a church nursery of sorts to drop him off while i went in for another ultrasound, another blood draw, another chat about having a D&C if this STOOPID period doesn't stop, or what have you. they could charge you good money - lord knows i'd pay it to avoid the stress of a babysitter (which so far, has only been family but i still go stir crazy). $30 per half hour? sign me up. get some teachers aides, somebody who loves kids.

i see it as a bonus of sorts, i really havent a clue.

but what i do know - is a fertility clinic having the option of a daycare center, would make shit easier!

and we infertiles could use a little easy in our life. 


  1. Girl...write up the business plan - brilliant idea!! Think of all the medical buildings that could benefit!!! :)

  2. Oh my god. Genius. In all honesty, I wish they had this kind of option at ANY place that requires a waiting room (dentist, regular doctor, what have you).

  3. Amen to EVERYTHING you said. I've never thought about that, but SUCH a good point!

  4. I love the idea. I also inquired about them providing a free, weekly, stress reducing yoga class for patients undergoing treatment. No one has gotten back to me on that. Bummer.

  5. Yes, infertiles could use anything that makes life a little easier. Amen!

  6. YES! I remember sitting in that waiting room so many times, getting mad that all these people would bring their children in, while I was still sitting there without one. But nothing can top the lady who came into the waiting room, practically yelling at the nurse, asking when she can have the ultrasound to find out if it's twins...I thought it was super inconsiderate.
    I love that they discourage people to bring their kids though, I wonder if my clinic does as well.
    Hang in there Mama, I know it's tough!