Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CRUE: 1st birthday party

part of me can not believe that crue's 1st birthday party was already a month ago!!! and another half of me sits here thinking man, only a month ago?!

we obviously went with the nautical theme, i know, how surprised are you?! i just can't get over this obsession! especially after seeing how much he loved the ocean and being on a cruise ship… totally our kid!

we threw his party on sunday august 10th across the street from our house at a park with a picnic shelter. his actual birthday was the weekend before on saturday the 2nd, but i knew from the start that i wanted to have him all to myself with isaiah for his actual birthday and just soak up the day as a family of 3. so thats what we did! we woke up with presents, spent the afternoon at the MN Zoo, went out to dinner and stopped for cupcakes. i wouldn't have changed a thing about it! we had thought about doing the party on saturday rather than sunday, but the park was already reserved. now looking back, i am real glad we had the whole weekend to plan for last minute things!

the party was held 12-2 which we thought was perfect because C is a late sleeper who usually wakes up somewhere between 1030-1130am, so he'd be ready to go for the party and take a nap when it was all over with. welllllll. we ended up winning a photo contest and got a free 10 minute shoot, which was happening the same day! only starting at 8am. i can definitely count the number of times that C has been up at 8am on one hand and knew this wasn't going to be pretty. i debated on all of our options but we decided to just roll with it and get the pictures done since he is turning 1 and its such a special milestone to all of us so we woke him up at 715am, changed his diaper, put his birthday outfit on, poured milk in to a bottle and were out the door!

let me just tell you that the photoshoot was kind of a disaster. first, it was supposed to be 10 minutes long only. i was thinking WHAT THE HECK, my kid will maaaaybe let the photographer get one good shot of him in that 10 minutes. but it was so early and crue was so tired, that he practically refused to let isaiah put him down at all. once crue became a little curious about the space we were in, isaiah was able to put him down but not step aside more than 2 feet away. and then crue was hungry so he laid down for a bottle meanwhile i was just ready to get home and get my kid back to bed before this party started. i'll share the pictures we got back from that 10 minute session next week!

alas, i got my kiddo home by 9am after we ran some party errands and back in bed. isaiah went across the street to start decorating while i was at home watching the sleeping babe. unfortunately, it was SUPER windy and isaiah was really struggling to get things set up :( we never did get up the "walls" that we had planned to do because the wind just did not allow for it. i was really bummed but what can ya do! we also completely forgot about the veggie tray at home in our fridge and the "one" cake topper for crue so WA WA. hopefully my grandma was the only one that missed the veggies and no one noticed that the cake topper sat in the bucket with the straws the entire time. i woke crue up at 1130 and we walked over to the park to find isaiah still setting up and people already arriving! double WHOOPS on that.

we didn't get all of the pictures i had hoped (we had a seriously awesome watermelon sailboat!) but I'm glad we have pictures at all. we served a variety of wraps with assorted meats&cheeses inside, captains cake, shipwreck snicker salad, starfish rice krispies, gold fishes, shark cupcakes, chips & sail-sa, ocean water, red apple raspberry lemonade which was in an AWESOME lighthouse cooler, life saving (life preserver) sugar cookies, crabby samiches and some other good treats. the day was wonderful, the party itself went off without a glitch and people seemed to really enjoy themselves.

ok, i am sure you are ready for the pictures now :) there are plenty of them, so bare(bear?) with me!

i can't believe were the parents of a ONE YEAR old!!

birthday poster from Sid and Sho Digital Design

^^^ this was probably the happiest moment of the day. nicole, andrew and eisley made the trip up from iowa! nicole and i "met" online when we found out we were pregnant in nov 2012 and now we got to meet in person with our babies who are 2 weeks apart! it totally warmed my heart and the babies fell in love!

banner made by Itsy Bitsy Paper Shop (Etsy shop coming soon!)

isaiahs mom ellen - us - my dad gregg

crue and his grandparents (missing isaiahs dad in heaven and my mom who lives in texas)

grandparents & great grandmas

birthday hat from Little Blue Olive

my sweet grandma. i've always said that my grandpa was my hero… but since he passed, i am every day impressed by this lady and her strength. she is everything! 

thank you for virtually attending crue's birthday party :)

dare i say, let the 2nd birthday party planning begin?!
i kid. i kid.


  1. Good job mama!!! Love all the pictures!!!

  2. So adorable! You have a beautiful family! We are planning Crew's first birthday now that's coming up in a few weeks and I just realized I am majorly lacking some details. All of your decorations are so great!

  3. Awesome job! Looks like it was a fun day! Is that Huset Park? You're so lucky to have a summer babe, I have no idea what we're going to do come December! I am already looking at indoor options, wah wah. LOL. I love the cake pictures of Crue the best!

  4. Adorable! Looks like a fun day! I can't wait to do our post on our party!

  5. Wow...Crue is such a lucky little guy!! Your family is precious!! Amazing job on the party!!

  6. Sooo cute!! Gah, I can't believe Mav is next!!! Only 105 days left!! Hold me!!!

  7. YOu did such a great job, it looks perfect Sarah!!!

  8. What a wonderful party! I LOVE the nautical theme and all the special touches that make it really unique and fun. Happy (belated!) birthday to your baby boy;)

  9. Everything is perfect! Looks like you all had a great time, too! Noelle's birthday is right around the corner and party prep is in full swing! :)

  10. O.M.G. it turned out so PERFECT!!!
    the picture of the three of you (about 2/3 way down) - LOVE! And you kissing him during his cake smash - my heart burst.

  11. These pictures and EVERYTHING about the party are/is so perfect. You guys are the sweetest family<3

  12. I'm so behind but HOW CUTE are the two bebes together? I can't believe your baby guy is 1! xx

  13. Wonderful job!! Your daughter looks very cute. Being a party planner I really admire your hard work and can see that you managed quite things amazingly for her first birthday party. You are such a great mom!