Tuesday, September 9, 2014

how do you know when its time to potty train?!

thank you Pull-Up's for sponsoring today's post! as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

although i am pretty sure that it is too early to officially begin potty training crue at 13 months, we have been very curious about it!

crue will always pee when he gets in to the bathtub so we started sitting him on the toilet every night before he gets in the bath and there has been a time or two where he peed in the potty!! i've also noticed him going to certain spots and hunching down in certain positions when he's ready to go poop so i have been wondering if i should try to catch him and place him on the potty then too? but then i think about the process… of getting his clothes off, and his diaper off during mid poop and i envision poop falling on my feet… then i become terrified. very terrified.

that is probably why they make pull-ups!


before we dive in to such a big change and responsibility, we needed to learn about a few potty training must haves:

1. a toilet!! dur. whether you want to get a little one, a transportable one or just an insert for the big adult potty - that is up to you! i haven't really decided which route we will go yet but i would love to ditch the tiny little potty and start on the adult potty if at all possible.
2. training pull-ups - get some in a character that your child likes!
3. undies - same as above, help your kiddo get hyped!
4. rewards - whether you decide to give a little fruit snack or M&M every time the trip to the potty is successful or a sticker chart for a big reward at the end of the week is up to you - but reinforce that good behavior!
5. sticker chart - optional, number 4!

i totally had to choose Jake the Neverland Pirate because, duh! were a nautical pirate loving family around here. i love how comfortable crue seemed as he was running around in these! they are totally flexible which is perfect for my little boy who is always go-go-go. 

remember, EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT! what works for one may not always work for another. there is no specific time to begin potty training except your child's time. they will be ready when they are ready :) so be patient, be supportive and enjoy the time! sneak some treats for yourself too :)

if you need any more tips, i highly suggest that you enroll your kiddo in the Big Kid Academy for Pull-Ups! there are so many good tips and helpful resources on this website that you can't go wrong! 


  1. Dude. Potty training is OVERWHELMING! I'm excited for us to be at that point, but dreading the actual doing it! HAHAHA Crue looks so cute in his pull-ups!

  2. I'm not a Momma yet (obvi). But I seriously love reading up for when that day hopefully comes. The idea of poop falling to the ground and landing on feet made me lol. Thank goodness for pull ups and the like!