Tuesday, September 23, 2014

small business love

i love to think outside of the box when i dress crue, most mornings. when i have the time and i know we'll be leaving the house :) ha ha.

its been a lot easier with the weather getting cooler and has actually helped me to spot him out of a number of other kids when he's in the church nursery or following someone older around at the park :)

i absolutely LOVE these camo leggings from Little Foot Boutique!

right when i got them out of the bag i knew that i couldn't wait to get them on crue. they were super soft and had the PERFECT amount of stretch. (which is super awesome for all of you cloth diapering mamas!)

if you have little ones or love to look at home decor - be sure to check out Little Foot Boutique! lisa is an absolutely joy to work with, and you won't be disappointed! 
thanks to this camo pair, its easy to dress my boy! 

here's a peek at a few other items in her shop that i think are super wonderful :)

obviously i am a lover of all things nautical, so this is right up my alley. 

did someone say mustard? sold.

a teepee is on our list for crues big christmas present, so when i found out she has them in her shop too? 
super excited. she's making it so easy for me!

there are so many good buys from leggings, headbands, bedding for adults, pillow covers and MORE! i don't know what i might buy next! 

Little Foot Boutique


  1. I LOVE them. He is just too cute. I LOVE the little girl dresses too. AND That mustard scarf. Swoon.

  2. Those are adorable! My oldest is now 12 and still loves everything camo!!

  3. I ADORE the way you dress Crue!!!! He is just so dang cute!!!!

  4. Love those leggings! I might snag Renzhi a pair now!

  5. What a cutie! :) Love the leggings!

  6. He could not be cuter. And your photography is so good!